Official Ballroom Song ID Thread


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this video reminded me of the first time i saw hustle being danced; i kept wondering why they looked like they seemed off beat every 3 counts.

this song would make a good waltz only if one of your legs was shorter than the other. the dancing was nice but the lyricism did not match the phrasing of the music IMO.
Tango song

Ok, so this time I am really stuck.
I've been looking for this song for a VERY long time.
I heard it on one of the dancing shows in Europe.
That is the original version of this song..
And here is one more version.

there must be one more modern version of this song. unfortunately, i cant remember if the song has lyrics. i think it is just the music.
i want this song soooo much.
please help me !
thanks :)


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Uh, considering that about 9 months ago "mysgag" asked the name of the song, and was answered by "GayapaCatutob", was this thread really necessary?

Likewise, "sexywaltz" and "zhangensprachen" 3 years ago...


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I believe the version (yes, it is Libertango) in the link is with Yo Yo Ma, from the "Piazzolla, Soul of the Tango" CD - it's really lovely, I have it on my practice playlist. Seems to be slowed down a bit in the link, though.

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