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hey, ive been going crazy trying to find this song. i know the song is called Turning, and its originally by suzanne ciani, but this is a different version of the song thats a much better waltz and i cant seem to find who its by. if anyone could help, id be appreciative :)


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Don McLean was the first to record the song, I believe. But I just heard his version, and it sounds quite different.

I also just heard Rob McGuire's version, and it's definitely not him.
#1 waltz lyrics
- Who the hell am i if i dont even try-

#2 Foxtrot version of Satin Doll it sounded like harry connick jr but he doesnt seen to have a version of that song.


The first one is a lyric from an Abba tune ("I Wonder")--but that song isn't a waltz rhythm, at least not the way it was originally written. Someone else's arrangement, maybe?
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Hi everyone! Can you please help me identify what the rumba song they are using in this video? Thanks!!!

Actually it told me that I can't post links yet. It's on YouTube and it's like a 33 second rumba by Emmanuel Pierre aintoine and Liana churilova and it was posted by dancebeatworld.


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There seem to be two videos like you describe:

youtube (dot) com/watch?v=2ZSFn-q_udE
The song is Boom by Anjulie: myspace (dot) com/anjulie/music/songs/boom-32220647

youtube (dot) com/watch?v=WvzcjSHNsqs
The song is The Greatest Performance of My Life by Shirley Bassey: youtube (dot) com/watch?v=_WKx5uxLqAw

Hope this helps. Sorry, but I can't post links either.

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