Ohio Star Ball 08 - who's going??

I just finally recovered from Ohio... I saw Nik & Natasha danced on Fri... I thought they look amazing!! Also enjoyed Ricardo from first row-- is inspiring just to watch him dance. It's like he's not performing... looks very real and in the moment (can't explained.. but different from many others). I missed Sat night, but that will make it more exciting when I watch on TV.

Didnt get a chance to meet or see many of you... but had a great time. Made it to the Quater-Final in the Open and Semi in the RS.. I was able to dance stress-free on Fri, which is an accomplishment for me and felt great. We stayed in the Drury.. and if you have a chance to stay there.. I highly recommended (includes bkfast, happy hour, connection to convention center by warm hallway-- dont need extra jackets,etc..)

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Can't find the post now... but I seem to think I read from someone here that they found not only the results online but also the marks...? Am I making that up? I guess I am imagining that since I can;t find the marks on the OSB website.
I think Brenda is waiting for Richard Douglass to post OSB marks on his compmgr web site. That's the way it was done last year. Once it is on compmgr web site, there will be a link on OSB Winner's Circle page to OSB marks on Richard's web site. Hopefully, Richard is not on vacation now and is available to post these marks soon.
The photographer was pretty good - quite a few of my pictures were good and I think a couple (obviously the ones I bought) are excellent. Of course, I'm really 10 lbs lighter and 4 inches shorter and waymore pretty in real life :p but the one with the back of chris is I think outstanding.

You can still check - the pictures are on-line now - search Park Photography or get the link at the OSB website.

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