On the Floor, Off the Floor


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I'm talking about choreography that requires you to get down onto the floor and get up off the floor. I bring this up because I mentioned in the whining thread that I hurt my knee... I think I figured out what I did. I was practicing a part of a showcase routine that requires me to lay down on the floor and then get back up.

Here's what the instructor showed me: I get down to a runner's crouch, with my left foot forward and my right foot back. I bend my torso down towards the floor, extend my right arm, and put my right hand on the floor. Then I let my body roll counterclockwise to a seated position, while keeping my left foot in the same place as much as possible. Then I bring my left leg around and lay down flat on my back.

Getting back up is supposed to be the exact reverse of that: I start by sitting up. I take my left leg and cross it over so my left foot is to the right side of my right thigh. I roll clockwise, get my right hand under me, push up with the right arm, and then to a standing position on my left foot. However, when I was practicing it a little while ago, without thinking I used my right knee to push my right side up.

And that hurt! Evidently that's what I was doing the other night, and I must have dislocated my kneecap a bit. Somehow I'm needing that to get support under my upper body. My instructor told me the other day that I needed to lead with my head coming back up, and not come up butt-first :oops:, and that must have been when I started doing that.

So: who does showcase (or other) choreo that requires you to get down and up from the floor? What kinds of problems have you run into?

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