One of Pablo and Noelia's last performances together :(


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I can only judge by watching him on YT. Never met him personally, yet. And concerning my self: there is still a lot to learn, but there are some guys around here at DF that saw me dancing. And where is your residence?
Well, it seems another part of the puzzle is revealed. Most of Pablo's FB friends knew he'd be performing with Cecilia Piccini but now here's the video.

Youtube -> watch?v=WItX1G-YifE

Actually, I'd have bet (before they had split up) she'd go for a more traditional style, and he for the more "nuevo" (whatever that means)...

Interesting, let's see where this leads. BTW, did anyone notice that P&N are performing at the Catania festival? What's that? A pre-breakup contract? Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing some more videos of P&N.

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