Opening your own dance studio - how?


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Hi Toothlesstiger, Thanks for the info. Where do you live? What dance training do you have? Do you follow the medal system?
I am in the US on the west coast. I am a social dancer, in International Style, American Style, and several club style dances. I did go through a medal system. I am not a dance teacher. I do know something about teaching and about running a successful business, though.

A medal system is good for giving students a sense of progress. But as long as you have a graduated curriculum, that sense of progress can be established.

While it may be what serious dancers look for, dance training is less important than getting paying dancers in through the door repeatedly.


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Money to build it out to your specifications.

Money to pay staff until you have enough students.

Buy out the right failing studio and you could probably get it for cheap.
Always rent 1st... many places that own will help with build out costs with a good lease ( Ive done that on several occasions ) .

Staff.. go the independant contract route.. most of us are doing this now.. cuts the liability, and with the right amount of space, can give good income .We ( teachers ) are always on the lookout for good teaching space .

Failing studios.. did it once, never worked. Once they have a bad reputation, difficult to "sell" the same location again.
Our studio had it's opening tonight, an open house, and an excellent turnout. The floor was packed, and condensation was dripping off the pipes of the sprinkler system (we're going to have to insulate those.)

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