Party dancing


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So I am a bartender for some catering company's and tonight I was at a bar-mitzvah. About halfway though the night one of the dancers came to the bar and jokingly told us that whenever we were ready we would switch and dance, and they would do drinks. I kinda-jokingly told him I do Ballroom and Latin. Later he came back and told me I should consider joining with that DJ and those dancers. He also gave me the company's card.
I have a few questions about this.
1. Has anyone on Dance Forums been involved with something like that?
2. Could Ballroom and Latin be enough to work with them? I'm sure they don't do much partner dance, and may welcome having someone with the capability of doing so.
3. If I do choose to do this, and it starts earning me money, will that threaten my amatuer status?
4.What other dance styles should I freshen up/look into that would be good as background?

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