Peabody music?


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I'm needing some suggestions for a couple of peabody songs that don't require buying an entire album of peabody music. Any ideas folks?


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what's peabody music? Is it like viennese waltz? Any samples tracks?
All I know is its like foxtrot but is all quicks and no slows? or thats what I have gathered by the few descriptions of it...never actually seen it done myself. am looking forward to seeing it (if they can find music for it to be danced too).

Hey, wooh..what about the lady that dances it, or her teacher. Maybe as a last resort try getting with him and seeing if he can suggest anything? That would be better than getting there with music that doesnt fit...


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Yeah, we're searching all our resources (like here!). But the one person we know has some Peabody music, we're not sure he'll share. So here's to hoping we can find something!
I've only seen Peabody a couple of times--once a lady doing newcomer peabody at a comp--uncontested, no surprise!

I don't remember the music, but it's my impression that it is/can be done to ragtime, so you could listen to some Scott Joplin on itunes and see if it would work for what you want.


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P. Body-- used to teach this at A/ M, was in their Gold Syl.
The music is akin to q/ step . If you can find any Lester Lanin recordings, they might have one that would suffice .

If you think of very fast silv. type f /t figures , combined with some basic q / step.locks and open naturals .

Am trying to remember some of the names -- grapevine was one and pony in a circle another-- also a fast spiral. Was named after a NY policeman .


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That sure was PB-- embelished a tad for show purposes, but essentially captures the true essence .A very good performance .

Notice lock step and Jive kicks plus the all open sequencing , which is the hall mark of the dance .

It was created, as legend goes , for a cop who was so large , he could not maintain closed position-- hence the all open work .

Best practice , is to med. q/step and get used to the passing of the feet stepping to all one step rhythm . The Twenties music, is perfect .
We have done this dance a our past 2 comps. At the studio we only have one Peabody ("Mr. Sandman"). This is a little slow. You can practice it to a Quickstep but it's much faster than the fastest Quickstep.

The other problem I have seen Peabody is that most of what you see done in Comps is not really Peabody. We had you get a Former US Smooth Champion from the 1980's to teach me and Sunshine how to do it properly.


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Watched the video that bjp posted (wooh, I couldnt see anything but a white box on your post) and peabody is very interesting! Not exactly what I envisioned, but still pretty cool. Cant wait to see this danced at the comp (end of the month)!


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As I stated-- it was a performance style p.b., but contained many of the basic figures . In reality , it has no other practical value .tempo, by the way about 60 bars per minute .
So the answer to the music question is to look for Charleston-like songs. One that comes to mind is "Bonny and Clyde" off the Casa Musica Ballroom Classics 4 CD. Speed it up by 20% or a little less and you'll be there.

The instructions say to dance peapbody only in a well ventilated room ;-)

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