People Asking for Money at the Gas Pump


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Scams are always most effective if they appeal to your good nature.
This is so right! I tell you another story when the scammer took advantage of victim's kindness. One evening when DP was walking from dance studio to home, one guy approached him with a desperate look on the face, "sir, may I borrow your phone to make an emergency call? My mom has a heart attack, I forgot to bring my phone, I need to call hospital for her, I don't want anything happen to her"...As soon as DP handed his phone to him, this scumbag snatched up his phone and ran away as fast as he could, DP ran after him but couldn't catch this professional thief; maybe it was really lucky he wasn't able to catch this jerk, maybe this guy has a gun or knife to use against victim when caught?

DP said maybe this guy had been following him for a while, and spotted him having a new iphone 4 while he took out the phone to text, then came up with this big lie to rob him. Way beyond ridiculous! this shameless scammer just spit to that face of generosity! In NY, this sort of crazy things happen from time to time. Not good!


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I rarely give money, but I will give food.

It was kinda funny when I was in Guatemala... there was a scrap of young boys and a dog following us. Of course they were set out by their parents to beg from the "rich Americans" and of course we were told millions of times to ignore them. Well they just kept following and saying "un quetzal, un quetzal? un quetzal por tortilla?" endlessly, with their tiny little hands outstretched and hungry hungry looks on their faces.

We went into a cafe and had lunch and when we exited I brought a stack of tortillas. Instead of handing them money I gave the tortillas that they had so desperately needed the money to buy. They took the tortillas and immidiately threw them on the ground, and went to the next person. "un queztal por tortilla?"

Even the dog ignored the tortillas.
I have a dance friend who gives the nickname of "business men" to this sort of street beggars. This is not entirely kids' fault, I bet their parents educated them such way to cheat as much money as possible from "rich Americans", shame on these parents, giving earlier education of "business practice" to small innocent children. Can you image when these kids grow up, they would not only become good "business men", they would become "entrepreneurs" or "experts" of this creative begging business! They don't need money or tortilla, they don't seem to be hungry at all if they threw tortillas on the ground, what they really need is proper education of making honest/ legit living.


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#23 this is what I call a multicultural thread.I am speechless...Thank god I've never had a nasty experience neither in Athens nor in London. People in need are everywhere but so far I was lucky to not have been exposed to professionals: plain luck, I know.

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Yeah, I guess we could argue that the third world children in the heart of the Guatemalan mountains are professionals... or not. Considering it is the only lifestyle they know, and they will perform some sort of begging from rich tourists for the rest of their life, the I suppose they are. Other than that, they are just little kids doing what their mom said to do.

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and I might add, just because their bellies were full that day doesn't mean that they aren't in need...nor do we have much way of knowing what the employment opportunities are for that family


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And let me be clear. If those little kids had been selling chicklets on a Satiurday or Sunday, I WOULD HAVE bought some. It was their being denied an education that bothered me, not their trying to make a living. Incidentally, on that same day, I used the public restroom outside the ruins and witnessed a grandmom-aged woman whose job it was to manually flush the toilets after tourists used them. I kid you not. Flushing the toilet was her job. Kinda hard to make that up. lol.

These were not people with excess cash and/or lots of alternative employment opportunities, looking to scam tourists, IMO. I think it's easy to become jaded or cynical when one sees the very real scammers that ARE out there. BUT I'd still rather get scammed occasionally that ever again pass by a homeless, hungry man and half an hour later realize that he was telling the truth while I was too hardened to care about his need.

My choice. *shrug*

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