Philly Fest 2008

I was at the comp this weekend as well, but missed Saturday evening events. But according to my pro, Nik and Natalia should have come in higher than 3rd place, not lower. He said he thought his dancing was the best out there opinion I know. Everyone has an opinion and is entitled to it...but no one is entitled to be so nasty - anonymous board or not, it just isn't nice.


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Update--The first 200+ of CCP's photos are up. (I think he said there are about 800, so a lot more coming, including lots of the professional latin.)

Dancers pictured so far:

Tal Livsh*itz and Kate Kapshandy
Max Belozerov and Kristina Avsjukevich
Igor Zabrodin and Nina Estrina
Dmitry Nikishkin and Viktoria Kim
Arkadiy Stepanchuk and Jaqueline Dikansky
Ted Volynets and Jolene Gurevich

Gary Gekhman and Rita Gekhman
Samuele Pacchini and Tone Jacobsen (GJB, I stole the spelling from you, as they were not listed in the program. ;) )
David Marsh and Luanne O'Brien
Paolo Di Lorenzo and Liene Darbiniece
Genya Bartashevich and Olga Chekhova
Patrik Kisucky and Janka Kisucky
Vladimir Popov and Sushko Darya
Marek Gabor and Denisa Jancusova
(Thus far unidentified couple 186, not listed in program)

Tal Livsh*itz and Kate Kapshandy
Alex Spencer and Katarzyna Herink
Serge Aleynikov and Elina Aleynikov
Valentin Hodgeman and Melodie Crawford???? (Is she the one with the brown dress with flowers?)


P.S. Kat, there are 7 of you so far, but am standard is only up through tango, so the quickstep ones I mentioned are yet to come.


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You're welcome, and thanks for help with the ID. I haven't seen her often and couldn't find a clear shot of her partner's back to confirm.


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4/15, 11 PM update--The rest of CCP's amateur standard shots are up, and a few shots of the pro latin quarterfinal--chacha only so far (several of Plamen Danailov and Tina Gerova, one shot of Nadia Goulina, several of Lyubomir Asenov and Loreta Kriksciukaityte). Lots more pro latin to come!

Kat, I especially like this one of you:

Not only is that a cool moment, but you look so radiant and joyful.



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Update as of 4/16, lunchtime--Lots of pro latin up now! Still one more batch to go.

Nik, there are about 100 of you! You hit some gorgeous lines in rumba.

Pro Standard

1. Garry and Rita Gekhman
2. Samuele Pacchini and Tone Jacobsen
Sorry, that's all I remember from Standard.
Who are these Samuele Pacchini/Tone Jacobsen, bursting into dance scene like a tornado? They also scored #4 in Qubeck, just behind veteran team Igor/Julia. Am I missing something??

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