Poll for the ladies; To Cologne, or NOT to Cologne, THAT is the question!

I think ... if you're new to a class, or practica ... perhaps to "not cologne". As has been alluded to here, you never know who is allergic.

However, if I'm going dancing with a long-term partner, I love it when I can lean in and say "What is that nice new cologne you're wearing?" :)


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Cologne no, Reuter soap yes! (1910 ad)

Se baila el tango.
Por supuesto que con corte y con quebrada, como es de ritual suburbano.
Las parejas, estrechamente ligadas, se deslizan á pasitos cortos y rítmicos, á veces bruscamente detenidos por un síncope de balanceo, con su correspondiente voltereta y agachada.
Carmen está sola, melancólica y meditabunda.
Algún percance de amor, tal vez.
Celos, deslealtad, traición... ¿Quién lo sabe? De improviso se le acerca Ciledonio, el infatuado gallito del ''barrio de las ranas'"'.
Carmen, ni se digna mirarlo siquiera.
—¿Has venido al baile á dormir?—le dice con acento un tanto agresivo el "cumpa''.
—No, he venido á ver si encuentro un hombre limpio—murmura Carmen con dejo despreciativo.
—i Y te parece eso tan difícil.
—¡ Ya lo creo !
—Pues, mira, yo soy un mozo asiao. . . Yo me lavo... .
—¿Con qué?
—Otre! Con agua, pues.
— No basta.
—Y con jabón.
—¿Qué jabón?
— Salí de aquí! ¡Sos un puerco!...
—¿Qué?.. .
—Que hasta que no encuentre un hombre que me pruebe que se lava con Jabón Reuter, que es el único jabón que hay en el mundo, no salgo á bailar con ninguno.
— ¡Sonsa! ¿Y esto qués? (sacando un pan de Jabón Reuter del bolsillo). ¿Vos crees que un mozo bonito y presumido como yo, m'iba á lavar con sebo y soda ordinaria ? ¡ Avisa !
—¡ Pues, es tuyo este tango, y si querés, es tuyo mi corazón !


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To the men that do wear fragrances to milongas, what areas do you choose to apply them to?

Neck area below the ear and chest, or just chest?
Well, I know this is a ladies poll, but I'll weigh in as a man.
I wear some but not too much.
I can tell you the females love it. as mentioned above, it's all part of the sensory experience of tango. tango is a way to express your personality.
However, it does depend though on if she likes it as well...also if it is consistent with your personality and dance style.
The first part is a bit hit n miss...what you may like she may not.
The second part is important.... and entirely within your control.
Opt for safe light scents..chest and neck are mu picks.
As I said above, it must gel with your personality and dance style. this completes the package. if you can get something that fits your personality and dance style like a glove, and provided it's alluring but not too strong and nice pleasant yet light scents..it will go a long way.


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whatever the dance type...I love a guy who has a faint pleasant cologne...but IF a guy has difficulty determining what constitutes a faint pleasant amount, then he should just go without and opt for clean only


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No cologne !!! Most guys put too much of it! I asked a few times my instructors not to use it for my lessons, but it is sort of automatic with them. I would just prefer no cologne at all.


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Went right over your head, I see. How about just writing "women", then, or are you so testosteron-laden that your animal instincts took over?

Personally, I like to be adressed as "a man", since I am (sometimes unjustifiably) proud of belonging to the H. sapiens species, not "a male".

tango is a way to express your personality.
So is writing.

also if it is consistent with your personality
I can imagine that in that case eau de toilette might be fitting for you. Perhaps one of these brands with "added pheromones"? Something that exudes that you're at a place in your tango journey where you still exude certainty.
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When I go to BAires, I am often asked to bring cologne, because it is cheaper here. The smell immediately transports me back to BA, which I love. Do not put cologne on your hands to apply to your face, without washing your hands well. I don't wear perfume because it aggravates my allergies, yet I'm fine with what the men in BA wear. I also like that men there wear undershirts, keeping their sweat to themselves.

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