Pop/Modern Music for ballroom dancing


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I thought I'd mentioned it, but Diablo Swing Orchestra have some great stuff...IIRC, Tap Dancer's Dilemma is a great quickstep, and there are a couple of tangos and stuff in there as well.


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Ive spent the last month searching around the net for a good list of "Modern" or "Pop" music that has the right tempo and beat for ballroom dancing.
Ive found a site with an extensive list of music for the jive, but im still looking for more. Specifically for dances like the Pasa Doble and the waltz.
I am actually working on a website to meet this very need. I am making lists of songs and dividing them into categories of dances, and providing the link to where the track can be purchased. It is a lot of work and is taking forever so the site is constantly under construction. I am going through my own music to categorize it as well as scavenging the internet and combining the other lists I find as well as all the music suggested in forums like this one.
Here a new song I heard on the radio. It's a very nice cha cha with the right tempo.
You're Breaking My Heart (Mi droga) by Florence K
On You Tube: watch?v=YyY_YqJl6bc
If you look up dj dancesport ice on soundcloud or dj antoine delvig or dj maksy they have really great modern/pop ballroom music that is the right speed. Some you can download some you can just listen to straight from the site.

ht tps: // soundcloud. co m /danc esportdjice2
BPM and MPM are confused on these web sites. For example, Waltz - To Zanarkand is said to have 29 BPM.


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Tango: Gossip Folks by Missy Elliot and Ludacris.
The obvious Tango: Bust Your Windows by Jazmine Sullivan (or Amber Riley)

Not sure which I'd use it for, but Maroon 5's One More Night
Take Control by Amerie for Cha-Cha
Show me the Money by Petey Pablo
One More Night (Maroon 5) - I'd use that for a slowish practice samba, it's kind of got that bounce thing going on.
V Waltzes I've been really liking lately are Hero by Chad Kroeger (from Spiderman soundtrack), Don't Cry by Seal, and The Voice by Celtic Woman.
I also have an app on my iphone that will adjust the tempo of a song so I can use songs that started out too fast/slow, or I can slow them down for practice. I love technology!

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