Post-Comp Celebration

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I loved bananas, ever since I felt what it did to my muscles. Hmm...must definitely stock up on bananas for this coming competition! I'll eat lots of bananas the few weeks before competition but it never occurred to me to bring it there. Silly, eh?


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have enjoyed this thread muchly. tho am no longer comping, post-comping rituals are good memories for me.

since the immediate lead-up to and the comp itself tended to be light on eating for me, not through dieting just being active and not liking to be weighed down by food, always afterwards there was the massive need for calories for a few days. and usually starting right after the comp with a good buffalo burger with, preferably, some good mash. :) sushi being another fave.

and always some of my fave dark tequila for cocktailing chit-chat with fellow dancers. i generally brought a bottle with me to the comp, with organic mixers, fresh limes or lemons, and various cheese & pretzels & such for nibblies, so these things would be in my room for visiting and post-shower noshing in comfy that deep restfulness that comes after a good comp, well-efforted, regardless of the results. :)


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Thanks skwiggy. Will try not to go down that route again and be good to myself this time. Right now I've only got one costume that is helping me hide everything else and even that, is showing my jelly tummy even though it's covered. Trying my best now! =)
I recommend that you sell the ones you don't feel beautiful in, and invest in some new ones!

Or try to get "creative" with your undergarments in the one that is covered. ;)


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I loved bananas, ever since I felt what it did to my muscles. Hmm...must definitely stock up on bananas for this coming competition! I'll eat lots of bananas the few weeks before competition but it never occurred to me to bring it there. Silly, eh?
I almost always bring a big bag of food with me to every competition. I notice a significant difference in my stamina and performance level depending on what and how much I eat throughout the day. Some people have giggled at me for my big bag of food, but I am never at the mercy of whatever junk there is available at the venue or nearby, and I never get stuck without any time to eat before I dance. Depending on what is in my fridge, I usually try to bring some combination of things like:

simple sandwiches (turkey & cheese, PB&J, etc)
fruit (grapes, apple slices, bananas, etc)
veggies (baby carrots, sliced bell peppers, etc)
string cheese
bars (protein, energy, granola, etc)
sports drink or juice box

Especially if you are watching your waistline, I believe it's best to have control over what is available for you to eat. Otherwise you may end up stuck with bar food (fried, greasy stuff) when you get to the point of extreme hunger.
I am curious how celebration traditions vary among Pro/Am and Am/Am dancers. My very 1st comp was in Pro/Am and my celebration was... driving home under rain to an empty home. My Pro basically said "good job, see you at the next lesson" and went to a bar with his partner. There was no invitation to join and I was basically left alone.

Since that time, I found an Am partner, we did few competitions and I enjoy that after-comp dinner and drinks with my partner very much. We laugh at each other little mistakes, make plans for future, and dream how much we will improve by next competition. For some reason, I am not hungry after the competition, but those drinks is something I need very much to relax.


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I think the people who've answered so far are about 50-50 pro/am and am/am.

For me it's varied more by region. Here, I'm not sticking around, so I don't really expect to hang out with people afterwards, as I don't have time. In Boston, there was a lot more socializing, but that's how the studio I danced at there is and there I wasn't rushing home to relieve the house/dog sitter.
I was on a collegiate team so my teammates/partner were also my social circle. We really don't need a comp as an excuse to celebrate but it is a pretty good excuse.


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I am sure there are mixed views on socializing with pro. My view....
Dancing pro/am I dont look for or expect to socialize with pro after a comp. After we are done I give him a hug and heartfelt thanks for preparing me well and making a committment to me and my dance. That is enough for me. Actually, I like it that way. I know in advance what to expect and there will be no hurt feelings. I know we will discuss the comp at our next session and it is in this teaching setting that I like the conversation to occur.

Of course I have an advantage of previously dancing am/am with my husband for many years. When I get home I have someone to share with, who understands the ups and downs I experienced. After comp I always plan dinner out with husband and he lets me ramble on and on and get it out of my system. I wonder Alice if there is someone in your circle of friends you can share your experieince with when you return home???


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My partner and I just got back from Cornell where we not only got our first first-place finish (at least against a substantive floor) but also won our first (small) scholarship! We celebrated by stopping at a bar/tavern on the way back for classic 50's style steaks, plus a box of Krispy Kremes!


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on celebrating with pro, that is exceedingly rare in my experience, it has happened occasionally with both the current pro and the former one, but I make it a point to never initiate that...and to never expect it..I do think it is a plus when one is the only student at a comp, if that occurs to the pro at least once on a comp to share a meal, but no, I have never expected that...most of the time I am simply happy to take my shoes and makeup off and pour a drink, like many others, what I eat depends upon how tired I am sometimes I am simply to exhausted and food doesn't sound good...usually my food splurge is eggs benedict from room service at breakfast...gawds, if I was a skkinny gal I would do that every morning of a that stuff


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usually my food splurge is eggs benedict from room service at breakfast...gawds, if I was a skkinny gal I would do that every morning of a that stuff

I love it too... there is a restaurant in NYC that makes an artichoke eggs benedict...

First Krispy Kremes, now eggs benedict... I want another breakfast.
It's funny how almost EVERY reply mentions food (often of the forbidden sort). I suppose the calorie load of a full day of stressful dancing fuels this desire magnificently.

BUT, nobody mentions they like to adjourn to local a swing/salsa club (in blue jeans) and let their hair hang down till the wee hours. At the few after-comp social dances I've witnessed, the only competitors seem to be the young and energy-filled college kids.


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um yea...for me that as largely to do with how much I dance (usually gobs and gobs) and how old I am...pretty darn old...the thought of more dancing isn't high on my list


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I am only 23 and the last thing I want to do after several rounds of competing is to go out and do more dancing... By the time I have showered, eaten, socialized a little, my body is aching for bed.


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I agree! By the end of the comp day I certainly don't want to go out and dance some more. Usually I celebrate with a glass of wine, food I would not usually eat ( yes, I am part of the burger/fries group), and a little shopping. As far as celebrating with the pro afterwards, my team travels together so after we are all done competing we usually all gather together and grab dinner and then watch the evening show. Our pro is with us for dinner,and then at the show he is usually chatting with other pros and relaxing, and it all seems to work out very well for everyone.


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Usually I am completely starving by the time the comp ends because I don't like to eat to much while dancing.
Since I'm on a collegiate team, we try to keep hotel room stays down to a minimum and will drive home immediately after the comp. We usually stop for food on the road. My favorite post-comp food memory was a stop at Steak and Shake- I don't think I've ever enjoyed food so much in my entire life!:banana:
The downside is that we are driving home very late on Saturday night after competing, after arriving late Friday night or early Saturday morning and dancing for 10 hours... makes driving tough, but at least we have people to switch out with!

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