pre-competition disorder


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the float thread reminded's about time to begin getting nuerotic...

went to bed last night at 7pm in an exhausted heap and consequently up at 3 am pondering which side of my body should be elongated at which points in time during various standard moments...oy


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give it another week...then again, I didn't go nuts the first time either...not even exactly as nuts as I used to get...but certain sorts of predictable and yet abherrant behaviors start to creep up as comps family just watches me and start nodding and grinning to each other...personally, I think they're all insane ;)


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I don't remember much of my first competition. :) Except for screwing up bronze rumba entry twice (for some reason we redid the heat, neve rfound out why), which still sticks in my craw.


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Speaking of planning ahead... I have to:
-try out the self-tan this weekend.
-try out self-tan removing options
-Find appropriate shade of foundation, compact powder, and preferrably a nice bronzer. ($$$!) Good thing I've got the Body Shop loyalty card.
-Plan the entire week before the comp: according to my tan try-out (how long it lasts and how dark it is) I'll have to see when I'll be doing it (and if I need two coats... crap). Plan my nail gluing (I've done it before, not worried much).
-Make a list of all the grocery shopping I'll need for the HUGE amount of stuff I'll be taking with me.
-Make a list of the stuff I'll be taking with me.
-Make sure it all fits in my sports duffel bag.
-Checking if my dress is allowed by IVDA for Novice. Worried there. It was labelled as practice wear but is rather fancy. And what do they mean "if you can find it in a normal store, it's okay"??? Have you seen what they sell nowadays??? Will have to find out asap, or else I'll have to find a nice looking skirt and top or dress for the competition. CRAP.
-Making sure I can do a decent bun on my own. Have gotten strong hair gel and hairspray, maybe I need foam as well?
-If that doesn't work, I need to find that hair donut thing my friend was raving about and try it. If that doesn't work... well. I'm screwed. I'll go for a sideways ponytail and straightening the hair. It worked for Vanessa Williams in Dance With Me (though her hairpiece was pretty long).



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gotcha TE...tonight pro's new student is coming over and (after we practice) we are having a re-stoning I can stone and drink wine at the same time a whole lot better than she can :), but she'll catch on
Twilight Elena - Once I had a comp and a show too close together and that was really bad for tanning because the first tan was starting to come off just when I needed to put the tan on for the next event. You might want to check out some of the tanning threads or put this issue up for discussion somewhere and maybe not do a full test of your tanning plan.


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Just be sure to scrub vigorously with soap and hot water to get it off. Also, I hear that a salt and lemon juice concoction gets it off, but I haven't yet tried that.


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went to bed last night at 7pm in an exhausted heap and consequently up at 3 am pondering which side of my body should be elongated at which points in time during various standard moments...oy
baricchi recounts similar sleepless nights obsessing about his feather... you are in excellent company. :)
Which one are you hyperventilating over? Generally I don't even have time to think about it until I'm getting my dress on.
I usually have significantly shaky hands when I dress to go to the competition floor, then frequent trips to bathrooms, then forget to zip the fly. Forgetting something like cuffs, ties, even shoes. Our coach told us that one of his student forgot to put on underwear in a Pro-Am, an she was wondering why the spectators were tilting their heads. Some people self deficate like a 17 yr old soldier going to a battle field for the first time.
Diarrhea is also a common Prep-Comp Syndrome.

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