pre-competition disorder

So I think our first comp will be MAC (in January...) and I'm already having precomp jitters and planning my tanning/nail schedule/take PTO at work schedule....

I had a Guinness at lunch to calm my nerves...


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Have my first comp in 8 months in a week. Trying to remember this is more about getting back on the floor, and is just a starting point for my future goals, nothing to get nervous about. It isn't working.
Have my first comp in 8 months in a week. Trying to remember this is more about getting back on the floor, and is just a starting point for my future goals, nothing to get nervous about. It isn't working.
I'm completely with you on that! I'm already prepping on how to deal with the stress the few weeks before the comp and the PREP is making me anxious and this comp is possibly three months away....
I have my first Am/Am competition this weekend. My partner is wayy more advanced than me. (I went from beginning silver to open champ gold!) Been practicing 2-4 hours on weekdays for the since august and 4-12 hours on weekends. I've been up until 5 a.m. for the past 2 weeks practicing my sliding doors and botofogos...


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Welcome to DF Polishbloo.
ok,,,so the "list" is going going my brain,,,shoes, heel protectors,,snacks...when is grandson out of school? really? boss will not let me leave early...sigh...jitters...practice VW-Smooth...since where DOES THAT FIGURE HAVE 4 positions?! bugger....ok, yeah...practice..practice...and try not to flat-line in smooth. geeeez this weekend will be interesting.

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I don't feel like practising AT ALL, even though competition's next month. Something tells me that if I keep practising like that, I'll soon lose focus and don't want to compete again...blergh
Haha, my next comp is at the end of the month.

Currently training very hard, 6 times a week ;o Disregarding my body's exhaustion or pain most of the time.

During the comp, I would probably get nervous, sweaty palms, restless, unable to breathe, worries, the usual symptoms. But once the first dance is done, everything's back to normal! :)
I feel your pain Bia!

Competition coming up this weekend, and after lesson and practice last weekend, I was feeling fine. Just wanted to run everything a few times every day this week to keep building the stamina and muscle memory. But no, our perennial struggles to find practice space continue, and my dreams of daily practice were cruelly crushed. Sooo frustrating to want to give our dancing the time it needs and simply not be allowed to. Plus, my knee is feeling weird. AAAAH!
We had a big earthquake here in February and our studio was ruined. Luckily our teachers along with all the students were invited to share space with another studio across town, however even though it is a large studio, it is extremely busy with many social classes, and the owner also rents out floor space and practice rooms to other dance styles e.g. Belly Dancing and Burlesque, so there is virtually NO time to be found for competing couples to practice outside of our private lessons.

Our teachers are contemplating whether it will be viable for them to try and find another venue on their own, but there arent many around, as so many buildings were lost after the earthquake!

Im hoping they do manage to go ahead with it, am starting with a new partner for latin and we really need the practice time!
The smell of's oddly comforting. Like an old friend. :)

Maybe I'm just high on the smell. Or the smell of Gemtac. I glued my fingers together again. Last minute dress repairs.

Can't close the makeup case. Really?? For one day of competition, I need that much makeup??

And, seriously?...for one day of competition, I need 8 pieces of luggage?

Did I forget anything? How is that even possible, I've packed the entire house! Good thing I'm driving.

Relax. Mentally go through the routines again. How awesome they felt at lessons last weekend. This is going to be a great comp! So excited. Maybe I should be nervous, but things felt so GOOD last weekend. Can't concentrate on anything, least of all work. Want to actually run through the routines, but I'd sweat off the tan I'm currently breathing, and we wouldn't want that, now would we?

Okay, breathe. Ah, DHA. I've missed that smell!!
Hope you're all well over there MissKitty, good luck with finding the space!

First comp of the uni circuit starts in 3 weeks & 3 days...
Has partner said she wants to compete? - yes
Has partner confirmed whether she can do it? - no
8 routines, 6 open, prepared? - no
Number of practices scheduled? - none
I need a drink...


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Ah, yes, the smell of tanner. Everything smells of tanner in my house now. Plus the lists.. mani, pedi, brows, whiten teeth, pick up lashes, pack etc, etc. I am trying to get to the wonderful place of excited anticipation without feeling stressed. :) We'll see how that works out!
My next comp is in 13 hours. I've just made the last alterations to my dress, dyed my hair (not doing the jive so hoping the hair bun will stay in place) and done my nails at the same time (not recommended). Left to do: cut my husbands hair, hem his new pants so he can compete in them tomorrow, put on some tan, pack and maybe get some sleep. Well at least I'm not stressing over our routines simply because I don't have the time to so.


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For those of us who are heading to either Florida Superstars or Heritage...seems like it is time to reactivate this thread. How do I know a comp is approaching? Because I keep on asking pro... "do you think we will be ready?", "should we really keep bla di bla step in this routine", etc, etc,....Plus I have added on a ton of extra lessons!


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we have begun the "let's pretend it doesn't matter and isn't happening" sort of co-existance...if I start discussing it and stressing, then he reacts to I try to keep my nueroses to myself now :) and I honestly do try to focus more on how much I love it and how the only thing I am in control of is dancing it well and enjoying it

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