Premier Grand Opening Party Highlights

Photo slideshow & Video of our grand opening party! So many people showed up to support us. We're very grateful & honored. Almost 600 people in 2 waves showed up :)

Big thanks to Dancescientist for taking such great photos & John Beale for the videography. Mucho thanks to all our friends in the dance community. In the highlights, you will see the following amateur couples performed in a mock competition for us:

Ken & Wendy Liu
James Kleinrath & Melody Singleton
Benjamin Lin & Jennifer Wong
Ivan Parry & Albie Thai
Jim So & Crystal Lee
Ping Tom & Ann Chee
Hiroshi & Juliana Kawanami
Adele Ghoneimy & Karen Chow

Fashion Models:
Valada (12 yo! she also performed with her partner in the rumba, shown in our highlights)
Paige Inman
Gita Patel
Crystal Lee
Shan Shan Jiang

Hristo & Laura (Foxtrot)
Ivan Spasov & Christine Belanger (Samba & Rumba)
Benjamin Lin & Valada (kids show)
Ivan Spasov & Paige Inman (Quickstep. This couple just won the Nevada Star Ball & Embassy Ball Prechamp standard)
Ivan Spasov & Tiffany Shen (Paso Doble. Tiffany is 14 yo.)
Francesco Flumiani & Erica Ridgeway (this was a special appearance. Erica also sponsored the Fashion show by showcasing all her beautiful gowns)

Erica Ridgeway
Stephanie Au (Ballroom Connections Shoes)

Whenver you're in the Bay Area, please be sure to drop by and visit!

Hristo & Laura

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