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I am out of town now and just had a drop-in private lesson at a studio. The length of one lesson at this particular studio was 30 min. My home studio's lesson length is 45 min. We usually spend 40 min. for lesson and 5 min. for notes and a little break for teachers. My studio used to have 60 min. lessons with 55 min and 5 min breakdown.

What are the length of the private lesson at your studio? If it is 45, do you spend the full 45 min. for lessons and 5 min for notes/breaks? (With this, time slot allocated for each lesson is 50 min.)
i am teaching 40 minutes + 5 minutes notes, booking next lesson ....

but it also depends on a lesson. for example we have introductory special which are half an hour lessons.


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Yep, I'm accustomed to 45 minute lessons (all teaching unless I ask the teacher to save some time for notes or summarization afterwards). When I started 4 or 5 years ago they were 50 minute lessons.

I know some studios have introductory lessons with their staff teachers of 30 minutes.


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45 minutes here too.

One independent instructor that I went to years back offered hour-long lessons, but not sure if that's still the case today.
In my studio lessons are 50 minutes with a 10 minute break for the "change over".
Introductory lessons are 30 minutes.
I think the national trend is for 45 minutes.


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45 here, how it's allocated depends on what we're doing that day (after comp might spend half the lesson watching video together and taking notes, etc). Introductory is 30 minutes.
varies I believe on studio and instructor.

Mine is anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes. But depends on what he is teaching me, breaks and such.... typically 45 minutes!


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My previous studio was 40 and 5, my new one is 55 and 5. I preferred the shorter lessons because I normally arrange my privates as double lessons and two hours gets to be a bit much.
Thanks for the replies. So, it looks like 45 min. is the norm with 30 min. for introductory/starter lessons.

Like suburbakngt, I usually have my lesson as double and it's about right for me since my lessons are intense with no warmups in the beginning of the lessons. I do a 10-15 min. warmups before my lessons on my own.

Before I got my current teacher and before the studio moved to the 45 min. system, my old teacher used to have 5 min. warmup in the beginning and 10 min. for "finishing up" (meaning just do ECS for fun). I felt a bit cheated then.

Speaking of cost per min..... I also don't want to think about it.
I find 45 minutes to be too short to really get into something - I have to do 60. However, more than 90 at one time and my concentration starts to flag.

Rather than start a new thread, can I ask what do others see as the ideal lesson-lenghth learning time?


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hi LG - happy boxing day! Suppose you can (or must) take unlimited time - how long could you learn?
hi ee! happy boxing day to you also...though it's not quite official where I am as of yet.

As for how much I could do given the opportunity of unlimited time, it would depend on the type of lesson and what the efficiency threshold would be.

If I was having a partnered practice type lesson, I could probably go more than an hour at a time because those are usually centered more on getting connection and partnership work right and repetition is key. If I was doing strict (and intense) technique work by myself in front of the coach, I could probably last an hour before I needed a break.

If a short break was okay between each hour lesson (of either type), I could probably do two hours at a time and still be pretty effective in the learning process.


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Depending on who I'm going to, the lessons are either 40 or 45 minutes. So if they are 40 minutes, I will take 3 at a time to make it 2 hours, if they are 45 minutes I will take 2 at a time to make it an 1.5 hours. All of this time is spent on the dancing. None of my teachers ever try to rush me out of the studio after the lesson, and in the past, every single one of them has been known to stay with me afterwards to chat to me about anything I want to talk to them about. On one occasion, two of them actually stayed with me for 3 hours afterwards. Maybe I'm lucky that they're not so busy with lesson after lesson booked in, but anyhow, this works very well for me.

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