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My previous studio was 40 and 5, my new one is 55 and 5. I preferred the shorter lessons because I normally arrange my privates as double lessons and two hours gets to be a bit much.
I missed this - thats how I feel but my coach is fine with doing 1.5 lessons (90 minutes) which is, I think just right... (see above)


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Rather than start a new thread, can I ask what do others see as the ideal lesson-lenghth learning time?

For me, it depends a LOT on what we're doing. Regular lessons with my new buddy teacher I'd be more than happy with 30 minutes, as she puts in SO MUCH new technique and tips, etc, that even at 30 my brain already feels full (hopefully I'll eventually reach place where she won't have so many thigns to correct in every lesson ;) ). With coachings I'm actually really happy to have 90, as we generally just do 45 minutes of new things with the coach, then I do 45 minute private immediately following to review what we learned from coach.


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Miss Mimseys' ballroom dance and charm school (or something like that). Not exactly the best dance movie, but I like the quote. :)
I find 45 minutes too short to really get into it - thats why I asked coach to pay the extra for a full 60. Since he's independent its easy for him to just adjust the starting time of the next student. And since he's still in his 20's he does not mind doing them without a break either!
I find 45 minutes to be too short to really get into something - I have to do 60. However, more than 90 at one time and my concentration starts to flag.

Rather than start a new thread, can I ask what do others see as the ideal lesson-lenghth learning time?

Yes I prefer the hour too. Especially because when my pro has to stop and explain something or he uses an analogy. I have to break things down sometimes in slow motion to get it or do it over and over and over again. So I feel that 45 mins is to short. But meh ... it all comes in time. :D
Mine used to be 60 minutes and sometimes I found them a bit long (too much to take in). Now they're 45 minutes and sometimes I find them a bit short. Those times I'm usually fooling myself into thinking I'd get more out of a longer lesson. 45 minutes is the norm around here.


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here's the thing; if you look on a lesson like you look on other forms of sustenance, you just do what yuo have to a previous life, I let lessons flow whichever way the wind blew, because I had that sort of have to be ready when the opportunity presents is just that do what you have to do certain there are many others who do the same


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Hrmm, that's true. I know dance is one of few things keeping me sane. or as close as I get. :) Good chance I'll have to cut way back in a few months too, and already back to one lesson a week. So suspect I may have to make same evaluation at other extreme, making absolute most of a very small amount of lesson time. But as you say, we do what we have to. C'est la vie, etc. :)


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Already been getting a lot of tips on that. Since I'm one of few students in studio who does practice regularly, all the pros have always been giving me tips, and buddy teacher has been giving me even more in last couple lessons (course, she's giving them to me because of flaws in my dancing she wants me to fix ;) )

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