Prom... Grinding / Dancing? Only one week to learn...

I'm a horrible dancer... I feel pretty awkward when dancing in general, to be honest. I didn't even dance at my own sister's wedding, and I've never danced at any of my school dances.

Well, prom is coming up... May 2nd... I'm going with a very pretty/popular girl... she's obviously going to be amazing at dancing. There isn't going to be any salsa or anything like that. Its basically 90% grinding. I read a thread on here pertaining to grinding, but I still feel as though i don't get it and I'm really not very comfortable on the dancefloor still. Most of the grinding will probably be front to back (my front, her back), maybe some front to front, and to hip-hop/rap music. There will probably be a few fast paced rock songs, and then some typical prom slow dance songs.

Slow dancing shouldn't be that hard from what i've seen. You just put your arms around each other and move slowly... almost like its choreographed.

Lack of beat is NOT my problem. I'm pretty good at recognizing the beat of music and tapping my foot with the beat, but MOVING with the beat is a different story. Maybe because I'm a somewhat big guy. I'm pretty confident in general but not when it comes to the dance floor.

Just so you guys have an idea of what kind of music will be played, here's some stuff i'd anticipate:

Keep Sweating (by Raj J)
Low (by Flo Rida)
Like this (by MIMS)
Like a Boy (by Ciara)
The Way I are (by Timbaland)
Some random prom slow songs

I just want to be able to move well and be able to grind, and not look like an idiot or stand out on the dance floor.

Also, if all my friends are sort of in a circle just sorta jumping up and down and dancing, I have no idea what to do.

I'm a pretty confident funny outgoing guy, and not being able to dance doesn't really go with how people perceive me, so I'm not really comfortable with asking people I know for help... hooray for the anonymity of the internet!

Any help or insight or links or videos of people dancing or tutorials or ANYTHING would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks a lot!

EDIT: Namely, some tips of what to do with your HANDS, (by your side, in the air, on her thighs, what?) and your head (rock back and forth? keep it still)?


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all specifics on grinding that are going to be offered are already in our archives and non-specific...please feel free to do a search...therwise, welcome...hopefully some folks will be along shortly to help...again please avail yourself of the mutitude of previous threads on this subject...thanks

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