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Our coach pointed out a problem last night that we need to fix. He tried a few suggestions and I still had problems, so I am asking the vast knowledge base here for help.
When in promenade my right elbow drops. If I try to keep it higher, I feel like I am putting strain on my partners shoulder. With the right elbow low... I tend to lean inward towards her when we come out of promenade. My partner has not mentioned any strain, but I hate feeling like I am muscling her.
Any suggestions?


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Promenade, from what I've learned, should be the same as closed position with a change in head position and foot direction, basically. So there really shouldn't be any changes in the torso and the connections there and in the arms.

Also promenade should never be coming from the arms. Its all in the body connection. The lead comes from a different area depending on the dance, but its all in the body to tell your partner to go into promenade, but after you give them that lead, your body shouldn't really lose that connection.


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It's hard to know without seeing it, but I bet the previous two posters are on to something. If you keep your torso toward your partner (think of closing your left side to her), that leaves room for her in your right arm without any weirdness (maybe just a bit of flexibility in the bend of your right elbow). If you're turned away from her in promenade, your right side and shoulder go into her space, so she has nowhere to be unless you move your elbow around to unattractive and uncomfortable places.


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After practicing this morning... yes, I was getting my right side too positive. "invading her space". I started thinking of getting my left side a little positive and also trying to keep frame. That made a huge difference!! Thanks to everyone!!


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I would say that it is always a good idea in promenade to make sure that you keep the forward most side from opening up....I think that tends to solve a multitude of problems

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