Recommendations for good beginner latin shoes?

Hello all,

I have just started learning cha cha cha to dance at a family wedding. I have been looking for good dance shoes.

How accurate are the shoe sizes for websites online? What heel size is recommended for beginners?

I'm looking at low cuban heel with a T strap or other straps to hold the feet down. I have only found two options:

Very Fine Copper Leather


How important is it that there is a connection between front of the shoe and the heel? I see many shoes with no connecting strap. See example below.
Adjustable shoes

Since I need to practice, I need the shoes right away. Any good websites and/or shoes you would recommend?

Thanks a lot, appreciate your help :)
I can't read the brand so I won't comment on these shoes. If speed is of the essence I would not order online. You may have to try several pairs to get a good fit. The second pair looks a like like a SuppaDance 1618. Suppadance is a good shoe. I don't like T'Straps (The connector strap you talked about.) My foot has more flex than they allow. This is a personal perference. A good shoe has a suede sole you will not want to wear outdoors or on a waxed floor. Have you talked to your teacher about shoes? They usually can recommend good sources.

Good dance shoes are hand made on a last. Like all hand work, each varies slightly but they are generally close. Note how the seller describes the sizing. Most dance shoes are European sizes. A size 7 in an American shoe will be a couple sizes smaller with European sizing.

Good shoes, well taken care of, are an investment in your dancing. Hope you have a wonderful time with the wedding.
Thankyou. The shoes are "Very Fine". I had put a link in my original post, not sure how they got lost.

My dance teacher advised me to get suede sole shoes. I'm wondering about the rest of the details. I just don't feel comfortable buying online, with fit and all. But, the local stores are really far away. perhaps, a trip is worth it. :)


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When I was just starting out, I bought several pair of Very Fine shoes, had mixed results with the fit, but they did work well for me as starter shoes. And they are not nearly as expensive as what I buy now. They also had heels that were much more stable than the shoes I wear now, so were good, IMHO, for dancers who are just getting used to the whole high-heel thing.

IME, the t-strap is a matter of taste; I don't find much difference in support between that and an ankle strap of some kind. YMMV.

Enjoy your chacha at the wedding!
Personally, I don't like shoes with a T-strap connecting the front to the ankle strap. I have a high arch, and I often find that the T-strap, while meant for stability, just gets in the way of proper pointing and articulation of the foot.

I have the second pair shown (the Supadance) and really like them. One advantage is that they come with an extender strap, so instead of only wrapping around the ankle, you can also wrap them around the instep of your foot instead if you feel you need more support keeping your foot to your shoe. :)

Hope this helps!
Personally, I don't like shoes with a T-strap connecting the front to the ankle strap. I have a high arch, and I often find that the T-strap, while meant for stability, just gets in the way of proper pointing and articulation of the foot.
I don't like them either, because I have no arch and my feet roll in slightly. The T-strap looks like a Z-strap after a few minutes.

If you are just learning I wouldn't advise a heel over 2". I've been dancing over a year and still only use 1 1/2" Latin heels, but I'm kind of a high heel wimp :).
Thankyou everyone! I started out with 2” regular heels (street wear) and I could not do the turns. So, my teacher suggested suede soles. I love high heels in general and can last long in them, but I have no clue if suede soles are the miracle solution to going back to high heels!
I second the recommendation of not going higher than 2". It's not a matter of being able to last a long time in high heels. You're going to be using your feet in a very different way than you normally do in street shoes just walking around. I could always wear high heel street shoes just fine, but the first time I went up from a 2.5" to a 3" in dance shoes, I could barely walk.

The nice thing about the black shoes you show is that you can adjust the width. This takes some of the sizing guesswork out. I would not get the first pair with all the straps and buckles. It will be a PITA to put on and adjust. Manufacturers will have their own sizing depending on the country the shoes come from. I've never worn Very Fine, but I've heard they run true to size (someone correct me if this isn't the case).


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I have worn Very Fine and I think they are good for beginners. They run true to size, but don't forget that a dance shoe should run at least 1/2 size smaller than your street shoe. Your toes should be at the end of the shoe if not over a little bit. This is different than a street shoe fit, and will probably help your turns. I also was a high heel person before dancing, so I always wear a 2 1/2 in heel. It feels low compared to my "regular" shoes.
Thankyou. I'm not considering more than 2". Infact I'm trying to decide between 1.2"-1.3" cuban heel or the 2" heel. I would prefer to buy one pair that I can use for practice and the wedding.

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