Recommended ballroom dance shop in Beijing?

Hi all, I would love to get a recommendation for a good ballroom dance store in Beijing. I'm looking for a place that has a large selection of good shoes (any brands you would suggest in particular?) and would be great to find some ready made clothing as well. We don't have time to get costumes tailored (so don't need suggestions for tailors), but would like to take advantage of the opportunity to do some ballroom-related shopping anyway :).

Hi there,

I haven't tried them out myself, but here are two places suggested by the ballroom dance group I belong to:

Perhaps the cheapest place is located right next to the “GongZhuFen” # 1 subway stop, so it is also very easy to get there. The owners will tailor clothes to fit your size and the shoes are comfortable and very inexpensive. They do not speak English, but they are very friendly and trustworthy. This place is an outlet, and mostly only sells shoes and clothes that their own company designs, so if you want famous name brands you need to go elsewhere.

Beijing LuNiShan Garment Design Ltd. – Outlet
Address: 北京海淀区公主坟(新兴桥)新兴公园明圆舞场内
Phone: 6395 1983 or 8333 2918

[FONT=&quot] [Usually open afternoons to evenings. Call first to confirm. They do not speak English][/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Another place to buy shoes[/FONT][FONT=&quot] and dance clothes is the Golden Dancing Academy. The prices are higher but they carry some foreign as well as Chinese made shoes. They do not tailor clothes and the management is not really very helpful, but they do speak English. It is not far from the ChongWenMen subway stop and the New World Shopping Center. If you search for them on google, you'll find their website, complete with directions, a map, phone number, etc

Hope this helps!

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