regarding heel protectors

I always replace the heel that come on my latin shoes with a softer rubber one. Costs not very much and looks much better than heel protectors - especially at a comp.
I also wear the Supadance with the suede on the heel and have found they improve my balance considerably. I wear at 2.5" latin and 2" smooth heel. I'm not sure if it's the added contact area with the floor or that I'm more comfortable with the feel of the suede on the floor rather than the hard, slippery plastic heel.

I would definitely recommend giving them a try.


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I also wear Supadance shoes, and when I get a new pair I take them to the shoemaker/repair store and ask them to put suede on the heel. They last forever, the heel doesn't wear down, and it doesn't show on the competition floor. The suede feels much better while dancing than the hard plastic
do you have to replace them often? do you buy them from regular vendors?? :confused:
I buy the shoes from the regular vendors (in my case Ray Rose) and take them to the shoe repair shop and have them put on a different more rubbery heel. I only take them in when I get a new pair and have never needed them replaced after that (my shoes get tossed about every 6 weeks) but you could do if you needed to.
I hate that all the companies started putting on plastic heels. It makes me so angry! A few years ago they used to be rubber and I loved them, then supadance switched (and I think they switched their shoe measurements too because their shoes stopped fitting me correctly.) and then, RR started using that slippery crap.

I think I WILL take my shoes to the shoe maker and ask him/her to put some rubber heel tips on.

PS. just on the topic of heel protectors, I have been yelled by a coach for wearing them in Latin. Since then, I started getting pieces of suede and just tape them with medical tape onto my shoes when a competition requires them.


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Just bought a new pair of Smooth shoes that have a non-slim, non-flared heel. So none of my Supadance heel protectors will work, and in 3 hours of dancing, I've already worn down the cheesy plastic heel tips. Feh.

I am definitely, DEFINITELY, taking them to the shoe repairman and having the heel tips replaced with rubber ones. And getting suede for the bottoms. The look of these heels is much more elegant than I expected, and I don't want to interrupt the pretty line with the heel protector.

I think plastic heel protectors come under the category of "Ballroom stuff we all pretend just isn't there," like flesh-colored straps across the backs of backless dresses. I will be glad to see the last of them.
I use Supadance heel protectors with suede! I like them a lot. In Holland we see them a lot but I have to look at the high couples to see what they do! I use them because I have to replace my heels a lot otherwise... I never really thought about how they look because the majority uses them. The Supadance ones aren´t to big I think... some I find are too big and look massive!


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On my standard shoes....I have suede put on the heel of my comp shoes, and use hard plastic heel protectors on my practice shoes. Haven't had any need to bother with either on my latin shoes.
I use the flare supadance suede based heel protectors on my 2.5 inch latin heels and they actually seem to improve my balance considerably and I did not notice a height difference. Plus I really lucked out because my friend switched to the slim heels and had a ton of flare heel caps leftover so she just gave them to me yay! :)
My only concern is the look of them. They aren't really ugly, but i'm wondering if I should wear them or not for my upcoming showcase...


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Anyone ever have the problem of the heel protector breaking? I had flare ones on my latin shoes and where the side and bottom attach it broke and kind of started coming off the shoes... the heel protector itself never wore down considering it is a latin shoe... but it bothered me that the heel protector broke like that.
Interesting that this thread was bumped . Anna Kovalova is probably my favorite Latin pro out there today. She's quite high-ranked in the country, and she definitely wears heel protectors on slim-heeled Aidas, which I find odd. It doesn't bother me really though, until the light hits at the angle where I can clearly see the, uhh...heel condom :confused: I'm not sure why she wears them, but I know I'm extremely curious of the reason.

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