Relocating to Ottawa - Need New Coach

Hello all,

I'm getting a very nice promotion and am relocating to Ottawa. This is also a great opportunity for me to step up my dancing. I'll have more free time and cash so I want to take my shot at competition dance in the near future.

I'm wondering with you guys can direct me to some good coaches for International Standard in the area. However as I'm only 1.5 hours away from Montreal I might consider that drive once a week as well if Ottawa doesn't have the right fit for what I'm looking for.

Looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead and to all you girls out there - I'll be needing a partner .....

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Good luck with the move, TurnsAre4Girls!

I think yhou might get more responses if this thread was in the Ballroom forum. A lot of ballroom folks don't read geberal dance topics. Just a thought. :cool:
To be fair, there are a number of very good coaches in the Montreal area. You might check out the "Dansesport Quebec" site for more information. That is the Quebec equivalent to USA Dance.


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Agreed. There are also at least a handful of standard pros in town - they might work for what you have in mind, or the coaching options that they use might!
Thanks for the posts guys. I'm actually settling in quite nicely over the past few months. My dance has taken a dramatic turn for the better. Helps having a great partner as well! I'm working with Danny Quilliam in the coming weeks. Good instruction and 20 hours/week of practice and OMG I'm becoming a dancer....
Well, Joe. My life ATM is work/dance and light workout days at the gym. And I get a solid 6 hours of sleep every night. I'm very pleased with that and as long as my partner and I are making progress and reaching new heights I can honestly say I'm very much enjoying the challenges that I'm facing. We'll probably drop our hours down to like 12hours/week for the summer but our first comp is coming up in Oct and we haven't even started working on VW yet sooo yah ... My feeling is that if I'm going to commit time and money for lessons and training I'm dam well going to work on the art and not waste anything. I pity the couples on the floor that only dance 2 days a week at the comp against us. We may win or not but when I get off the floor I will know I gave it 100% effort. That is all I ask of myself and my partner.

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