Rolling call for Salsacongress Scandinavia (and the weather)

Anyone coming for Salsacongress Scandinavia next weekend (27:th-30:th march)

Tito & Tamara (Puerto Rico)
Junior & Emily (San Francisco, USA)
Swing Guys (Milan, Italy)
Adolfo & Melissa (New York, USA)
Billy & Katie (Miami, USA)
Yamulee (New York, USA)
Stacey Lopez (Puerto Rico)
Victor & Gaby (Mexico)
Viviana & Ricardo (Colombia)
Stockholm Salsa Dance (Stockholm)
Salseras Dance Company (Gothenburg)
Maykel Fonts (Cuba)
Annika Sjöö (Gothenburg)
Salsa Sabrosa (Lund)
Manuel Mascarell & Alessia
(Spain & Italy)
Edwin Riviera (New York, USA)
Osiel Ibañez (Stockholm)
Aldo Mendes & Paula Mendes (Brazil)
Fabian & Tove Vallejos (Gothenburg)

I'll be there at nights. Who else is coming?

The weather is SNOW very much SNOW. Haven't been anything so far this vinter. When the duffydills started to come the snow came. This winter is upside down.

The temperature is about 0 to plus 2 degrees Celcius. So it will probably be very wet snow. Perhaps it has all rained away by the congress. Bring your boots.


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