Salsa Dancing--What to Wear?

What to wear?

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Ok, after a failed attempt at finding the new salsa club two weekends ago, I have succeeded in tracking down the address and location. So, I am going to try again this weekend.

My question, since nobody (especially the decent dancers and regulars) knows that I can dance, what do you recommend I wear to make sure I am noticed? One of my dance instructors said, "wear slinky." She's one of those really hot old ladies that still looks awesome at 50+. You know, wrinkles on what appears to be a 20-year-old body.

So, should I wear a sexy top with black hoochy-mamma pants or should I wear a swishy skirt (with bloomers of course)? I've found that swishy skirts usually attract leads to want to make it twirl...but, I do not yet know how hard-core salsa this place is...

Also, I'm considering bringing and changing into an old pair of ballroom shoes (that I won't mind getting nasty) just because I want a heel with stability. I love my stilettos, but the ones bought off the rack aren't that supportive. Is using an old pair of ballroom shoes a good idea?

This is my first time trying this place. I just don't want to be left standing and watching all night. I'm bringing a girlfriend and her boyfriend, but I won't have a partner per se.

What do you all think?


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I always say wear what you are comfortable and will feel good in, no matter what the scene is. That's what I do.


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it's interesting.... i wonder if this varies by region.

here in new york, the salsa outfit de rigeur is definitely tight jeans, shiny belt and small top, baring the midriff if possible. i've had a few guys tell me they'd love it if more women were wearing skirts or dresses, but i just don't see it at the places i go (Jimmy's, Carlos', the Copa on Tuesdays, etc.) there's a feeling that staying cool and comfortable/secure trumps looking dressed up, and frankly the 'slink' factor can be QUITE high with the itsy-bitsy tops and low-slung jeans anyway. also, i wouldn't want to dance at those places in anything costing more than twenty dollars - clothing can very easily be destroyed in an instant. sometimes you can't get the sweat smell out, stains, etc. i buy cheapo tops and consider them basically disposable.

when i see a woman with a skirt on, i usually mark her unconsciously as a newbie or a non-dancer.

i'm gay and not into salsa dancing mainly to hook up, so for a long time the slink factor escaped me... once i adopted it a bit more, i found myself dancing a lot more. so predictable :)


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I've actually played around with this a bit over the past couple of months...

I've found when I wear a skirt, slinky shirt..etc, I end up fending off advances from guys that can kindof dance...which isn't my idea of a great night of dancing.
When I've worn just my jeans and a cute shirt my night has been much better. I feel more comfortable and free to move how I want when I wear things where I'm a little more covered up. I can shake it like I mean it without distracting my lead too much!! ;)

Personally...I think if you are there to dance....wear whatever you are most able to express yourself freely in....without having to worry about unwanted advances (unless of course you want those cute salseros hitting on you). :lol:

The best way for you to be noticed is to just get out there and dance. Try getting there a little earlier..and dance when it isn't so crowded so people have a chance to see you. And don't might just have to ask those salseros to dance...then show them what you've got. ;)
Ok, it appears the hoochey pants and top are winning out. I'll see if this trend continues over the next couple of days. In the mean time, shoes...can someone address shoes? Like I said, I have an old pair of ballroom shoes (basic black, open toe) that I don't mind mucking up. Do you advise I wear them (for familiar stability)?


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About making a fashion statement with them... we guys won't look at your shoes for anything more than functionality.

In other words, we care whether you can dance in them, more than if they make your feet look good.
definitely wear the shoes that give you the most comfort and stability. i don't know how women wear 3 inch spike heels all night, honestly. i usually wear my dance heels then sometimes change into dance sneakers or jazz shoes if i'm wearing jeans if i've been dancing for hours. and don't forget if you're dancing one song after another remember to drink water :)


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Yeah, I've been playing with this one too. For the first several months that I was dancing I wore nothing but skirts - I felt freer and more at ease. Then a couple months ago I tried jeans once and I found that it TOTALLY changed the way I was dancing! I subconsciously started moving in a more hip-py, street type of way, rather than like a "ballerina." So these days its mostly jeans, but I'll play with it a little depending on my mood for the evening.

I like long swingy/flarey tops, not so into the midriff thing. ;) But I will sometimes pick different tops depending on the night - eg noticeable ones (eg red) when I am going to a place where I am new, or a night when I want to dance a lot, etc.....

PS - can someone please tell me what hoochey pants are?
It shouldnt really matter what you wear (but it does . . . thats y I voted for the hoochie pants :p) as long as you look like your having fun!!

Really, go out there, find a guy you want to dance with, ask him to dance and have fun dancing. The other guys will notice you and will want to dance with you. If not, just ask the next guy.

Maybe not all guys look at shoes, but I do. It tells me if your a dancer or not. If you wear jeans and jazz shoes, you're a dancer. If you wear skirt and "ballroom" shoes, then your a dancer. If your wearing some other type of shoe, I will hold back until i see you dance.
TemptressToo said:
My question, since nobody (especially the decent dancers and regulars) knows that I can dance, what do you recommend I wear to make sure I am noticed? What do you all think?
this is interesting, because clothes have never affected who i dance with. When i'm near the dance floor, I usually look for the women standing near the dancefloor. I ask them, because it seems like they always say 'yes'. so perhaps you could stand right by the dance floor.

Other than that, I just ask everybody ! if i can sense an eagerness to dance, then I ask. that's usually when a lady is smiling, and making eye contact with the guys, saying hello, i can sense it..

of course, the pretty girls, in the hot clothes, always get asked !
I prefer skirts and dresses because I feel good in them and because they are much cooler. I know if I wear jeans or any pants I'll be 'gross' by the end of the evening. I love my pleather pants (and I know a girl who wears hers out) but I can't imagine dancing in them! Here there is a bit of a variety of acceptable attire, so I vote for what feels best to you.
Hoochey pants? Well, I'd say they look sort of like jazz pants. Lots of girls wear them to clubs. They are usually pretty well fitting through the butt and hips and then flare more to the ankles. They do not cling to your knees, that if for sure.


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Salsa dancing is exactly what I use my old ballroom shoes for. That way I don't feel terrible about walking to and from my car in them, and they're way easier to dance in than regular heels.
Wear whatever is more comfy to you... I prefer hoochey pants... :)

And yes, bring the shoes along! Definitely!

I used to go to the Salsa club dressed very nicely... and ruined skirts and tops (cigarettes in the air, careless drinkers...) So nowadays I prefer to wear sexy jeans and a very sexy top... :) And of course my dance shoes...!
interesting that I wouldn't wear nice clothes to "American"/traditional clubs because of the dangers of ruining them, which is probably another reason I like to wear them Latin dancing... they are less likely to be destroyed, I feel good, and I feel cool.
I recommend the pants and the sexy top. I find this combination as a comfortable way to make a new entrance.

The sex top always attracts the eyes of the leaders. A shirt might be too elegant - and I never want to be the one that is most dressed up. It makes me feel bad.

Pants+sexy top is "in between" - "lagom" in Swedish (a very useful word).



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I say the way to go for everybody is to wear the sexiest thing you feel comfortable in.

Sabor, funny you should mention Bikini's, one of my most memorable nights dancing I danced quite a bit with a beautiful girl wearing nothing but a yellow bikini and a shawl around her waist. Ah, I loved it. More women need to wear bikini's to the club.

Are dance shoes really that important. I have resisted wearing dance shoes at the club but seeing as how so many people use that as a measure I may have to start wearing them out.

If you don't know the atmosphere I say sometning classy but not trashy.

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