Salsa DJs (disc jockeys), how do you keep your mix fresh? [rant]

Ok, this is a bit of a rant. I think some local salsa DJs (disc jockeys) are really lazy, or just really clueless. They play the same music mix, week after week. Not just the same music, but the same music in the exact same order. They might as well plop in a mix CD and go for a 4-hour coffee break.

What's worse is I think this particular mix CD is making the rounds amongst some local salsa DJs, so now at least a couple salsa DJs are starting to sound the same. This must be the salsa DJ version of "pattern monkey" - "mix monkey".

Hmm, looks like people are afraid to dance, ok, insert merengue mix A. Ok, now they're dancing, insert salsa mix B. Ok, now I want to see women dancing with each other, insert reggaeton mix C. I'm a clueless mix monkey, insert reggaeton mix D and E. Ok, I've shut out the salseros and salseras long enough, insert merengue mix F, and bachata mix G. Hmm, can I get away with playing salsa mix B again? Naw, better not push my luck, there's always next week. Ugh.

To the salsa DJs who keep it fresh, thank you. You obviously take pride in what you do. I look forward to supporting your salsa nights.


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Simple -- I program my play list, and reference it against my next gig.
Of course , there will be certain repeats, but to a minimum .

You are correct in your observation. Went thru the same situation, many yrs ago , in a latino club-- could tell the person I was dancing with, what the next song would be !!
Speaking as a DJ, the only tracks I play frequently (some as frequently as every week) are recent hits and releases.

If I'm playing classic hits from the past (or more obscure tracks) I'll try to play different ones every week and not repeat any given track to often. (I can usually remember if I've played a given track recently and can avoid it for a while.)

There's few things worse (to me) than going to a club that plays the same music every week. But I know some people do like them... :-(

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