Salsa song for wedding salsa dance


I am getting married in March. I am an intermediate salsa dancer having danced closed to 1 year now.

I would like to do salsa for our dance.

1) Could anyone suggest me a good salsa song for a wedding dance (2-3 minutes).

2) also can anyone suggest a good ending? I plan to do a simple cross body lead dip.





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You can cbl with an inside turn into a nice dip, but with all dips I recommend getting a professional to teach you properly. There's nothing like a slipped disc to spoil the wedding atmosphere.
Congrats on your upcoming wedding! One song that I absolutely love is Tu Amor Me Hace Bien, by Marc Anthony. Romantic, soulful and meaningful. It's five minutes long, but you could maybe find a way to shorten it, etc. Hope this helps!

I'd say it depends what sort of track you want for your first dance. For example, if it was me and my boyfriend, we'd probably select some break-neck, no holds barred, dance til you drop, energy-fest - but that's just because its the style of dancing we love the most. If you want something very slow and sensual, then I probably have some tips, but you may want something halfway between - good beat, but romantic too.

Give us some direction and I'll see if I can come up with some good suggestions for you.

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