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getting off subject a little... :wink:

He's already in swim lessons, so I can throw him out to a soft landing and get some peace and quiet while he figures out how to get back on the houseboat.:p
xbeatnickx said:
I have found the holy grail of salsa sites as far as learning moves goes. Ranges from beginners to advanced!!!

Disfrute con fuerza
xbeatnickx, whilst they are good, the videos on the link above look to me as if they are for rueda/Cuban style salsa. This is not to say that you can't use them in crossbody :wink: (The guy leads it, I follow. No complaints here :lol: )
this is currently my favorite salsa video clip.

the quality is crappy, but nancy's dancing is amazing - the epitome of new york style, in my opinion, and of a quality very rarely seen. the engagement of her back, the way her shoulders and hips are connected, the extremely deliberate execution of every step... and notice how few actual STEPS she takes. she's not all about fancy footwork. so refreshing.

you have to log in to see it, but it's free to register.
Pacion said:
A must see, for how to "do it playfully" :wink: with huge thanks to our one and only Sabor for being the "star" along with his willing partner (who wouldn't be :shock: :wink: :lol: ) and to Larinda for sorting out the IT technicalities...

The related thread :arrow: Sabor's video dancing clip

(Have I mentioned that a particular favourite part of the video of mine is about 27 seconds into it? :oops: :wink: :lol: )
BOOYA 8) :lol: that's all I could say :) I love guys who can groooove yeaah
Re: Video salsa database

manu said:
Hello all,
My videos salsa database is out now: 90 salsa videos free.

I put new videos every days.
...just by passion...
My favorites at Videosalsa are:

Luis Vasquez och Sonia Evénements

Fernando och Daniela Evénements

Fernando och Sonya Evénements

Manu, I like the way you follow the dancers with the camera. I get the feeling that I am joining the dance. Great work!

Re: Video salsa database

manu said:
Lucretia said:
My favorites at Videosalsa are:
:cry: I'm surprised because i‘m not in your favorite list... :cry:
I will remove all videos where i am not inside... :twisted: :twisted: :mrgreen:

I'm sorry I forgot you :oops:. Please don't remove them!!!

Watch him

I have checked some of these films previously but I had troble to get back to them. I thought you would be on the proffessional categories not in the gags/amateur category :wink: . You are surley on my new favorite list. :D And I have heard from a secure source here at DF that you are a great leader&dancer :wink:

Some of the new Mayan 2005 video clips are up!

See 'Professional semi-finals'.

The amateur semi-finals and finals clips have been uploaded onto the site but have not yet been linked to the website front-end.

Some of the amateurs this year look like pro's. Wow!

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