Secadas, anyone?

Is it just me or are secadas difficult to pick up for beginners? I don't know whether my partner is just leading me really, really badly or whether I'm a dud, but I can't seem to figure out when I'm supposed to perform a secada. Anyone got any advice on following a secada? Also, what excatly is it?


By Sacada, do you mean to use it as a synonym for desplazamiento i.e. leg driven lead? Or are we both thinking about completely different things?



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this definition comes from the above link

Sacada The most common term for a displacement of a leg or foot by the partner’s leg or foot. Occurs when a dancer places their foot or leg against a leg of their partner and transfers weight to their leg so that it moves into the space of and displaces the partner’s leg. See Desplazamiento.

My experience is that it is not a beginners move; for the following reasons:
The man has to do a feint as a lead ie he must be able to send the woman into a sidestep without taking the step himself, then step into the path of the following leg to interrrupt its path (without causing injury)

The follower has to have a relaxed trailing leg, and her balance must be very grounded as this particular version of the sacada turns a sidestep into a pivot.

This is the simplest sacada, others are more difficult as they require a high degree of co-ordination skill in the leader as very often he is stepping into the space the woman is leaving and will have to positon himself early ahead of the woman. :? :? :?

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