Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

Saw "Shrek 3" and "Fracture" last weekend. Loved "Fracture"..."Shrek 3" was OK, but there were so many little noisy young'uns in the theatre, hubby and I could barely hear the dialogue.

Oh that's right, it IS a kids' movie, after all!


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Have seen: Spidey 3, Shrek 3 and Pirates 3, and thought Shrek was the best. Very disappointed (sad to say) with Pirates.
Saw Shrek 3 last night with my gf. She really loved it and I really liked it. Thought it was cute and thankfully there weren't too many screaming kids in the theatre so I was able to hear all of the dialogue. Spider-Man 3 we saw on the 21st and despite all of the bad reviews, I went in with -zero- expectations and was pleasantly surprised. Some things didn't work for me in the film (the butler being introduced? waaaay too tidy to resolve things) and others were okay but overall, I liked it.

Still have to see Pirates 3 and Hot Fuzz.


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Saw 28 Weeks Later tonight, and I liked it. I'd only recommend it if you're a zombie movie fan, though.

Will probably go see Knocked Up on Thursday. Heard it was pretty good.
I saw Because I Said So last night, and Music and Lyrics tonight. I loved them both, but they were definitely chick flicks lol! I would buy them though. Hugh Grant is sexy. I could watch him forever! And the two guys in Because I Said So that played the main characters were cute too. Not as gorgeous as Hugh though lol! ;)
Looking forward to "Oceans' Thirteen" this weekend since I generally dig Soderbergh, "11" was great, and I'm hoping the crew will redeem themselves from "12".

Also looking forward, in a weird way, to Ellen Barkin making me feel bad in a "this is why you have to go to the gym EVERY day instead of just when you feel like it since she is a generation older than you" kind of way.

Also would watch Mr. Garcia and Mr. Clooney on-screen if they did nothing more than read the phone book.
My mom saw Knocked Up, and she was in a giggling fit when I saw her again. She said it was 40 year old Virgin humor, and it was hysterical. Kinda slow at times, but enough hysterics to keep you laughing for along time.

I just saw Surf's Up with my gf (Was going to see Ocean's 13, but then we realized it was a sequal and we thought I wouldn't get it since I never saw a Ocean's movie). Annoying kids in the theater of course, but the movie was really good. Basically everything you expect out of an animated film. Nice Protagoinist with dream, doesn't do so good first time, finds mentor, etc. However, the plot was very engaging and it seemed fresh and new. Plus, the graphics and art they used for the movie blew me away.


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saw ocean's 13 last night. enjoyed it. similar vibe as the first two, but more level in tone... worth seeing IMO if you're a fan of the series.

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