Seen Any Good Movies Lately?


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Went to AMC theater, on a Saturday night (be still my heart DH NEVER does this and he suggested it!), and watched "Last Vegas"...we have not laughed that hard and throughout an entire movie - in a long long time. Theater was packed. Real life comedy is always better!


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Went and saw "Lone Survivor",,,,caught his interview days later on a talk show. Dedication to his brother Frogmen beyond question.
Planning on seeing "Saving Mr. Banks" with BFF and co-worker now retired. I'm giddy about this one, as a 5 year old my dad took me and little brother to the actual Premier of the Mary Poppins movie in Hollywood - YES, that one.
Excited that the first show of the day is only 6 bucks. YIPEEEE.


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"Stick It." It's another cheesy movie in the neighborhood of your typical gymnastic or dance movies, but I liked it. Favorite line: "You know, there are a lot of great people who had jerks for parents. We gotta stick together."
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has anyone seen 'HER'? Scarlet Johansson, Amy Adams and other celebs are in there, the most refreshing movie I've seen so far this year, I have to say...


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Saw Dawn of Planet of the Apes recently...loved it...very thought provoking and special effects were awesome...better than the first movie with James saving this in the context that I'm a fan of the original movies with Charleton Heston and Roddy McDowell...


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I saw Gravity ....but it wasn't good.....and I was shocked, given all the the critical acclaim and the presence of both Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in the cast.....the symbolism was trite, the dialogue was banal to the point of nearing being campy, and the story line was utterly was just....bad....

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