Seen Any Good Movies Lately?


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Agree with fasc. Gravity was seriously not good. Husband and I saw Hercules this weekend. It was also not good. And it pains me to say that because The Rock is on my laminated, permission to have an affair with "list" lol. Had it not been for the amazing eye candy, it would have no redeeming qualities. On to Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend. I've heard good things.


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On to Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend. I've heard good things.
I have mixed feelings about going to see this, and might pass. The guardians looks so stupid - a tree creature that says 3 words total, and a gun toting raccoon, among others. The only thing I can see this movie has going for it is Bradley Cooper is the voice of the raccoon. Please post your review, or anyone else who's seen it please feel free to chime in.


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Transformers gargled. Complete waste of time and money. If I see one more fish-faced idiot bimbo screaming and being needy around idiots who trade horrible cliche and lame dialogue... who am I kidding, this is the future of American cinema.
Edge of Tomorrow - nice tight sci-fi film! nicely done

Grand Budapest - a fun movie, definitely in my top 20

Step Up All In - the best of the series, popcorn afternoon dance movie ... the main reason for the films, the dance sequences were generally good. Loved the brief cheeky addition of ballroom (old couple and rico suave dance instructor), wish they'd pushed that that a bit more, could have had a lot more fun with that. Apparently the director Trish Sie is an ex-pro ballroom competitor.
Was really happy with Mockingjay part 1, I love the books and this is the best film in the series so far (Hunger Games was meh and Catching Fire sucked in my opinion)


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Watched American Sniper this weekend. I won't get into the whole, "are we glorifying violence?" discussion but I do want to say how dismayed I was at the number of 8-10 yo boys that were watching as well. It's rated R for a reason.

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