Shout out to missing comrades


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Hey folks. If you haven't posted in a while, and are still hanging out in lurk mode, please log in a give a shout out. I can name you -- will35, bouncy bouncy weee, linggg, dancer at heart, giselle, samba ajr, ballroomboilergirl, and several more ... You know who you are. Just log in and say hello.

You're valued, and you're missed.


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I didn't want to mention you because it hasn't been that long, plus you're planning a wedding and a bunch of other stuff. Hi, DDL! :D How're the wedding plans coming? 8)
I understand...

The wedding plans are coming along quite nicely. I've changed the wedding theme about a million times and people sort of run the other way when I mention "wedding," but all-in-all it's coming along.

I think we've FINALLY settled on a theme and have all the big stuff booked. Now it's just the details, the nitpicking and getting to October.

Thanks for asking.
Well, the theme of hte moment (actually the past week) is a "return to childhood." My fiance and I are really big into children...we usually do things for local children's charities and are always acting like big kids. It seems like a natural fit for us.

To make a long story short, we were going to have a "This day I married my friend" theme, but our friends who became engaged the same day as us unknowingly used the same theme. Then, it was a butterfly/children theme but I got tired for butterflies (engaged for two years). Then we decided to elope to Disney and the theme changed to Disney. We ended up NOT eloping and the theme stayed Disney, but narrowed to Cinderella. The church had a problem with Cinderella, so we broadened the thme out to a fairytale/storybook/prince-princess thing. Well, we started working with this AWESOME free wedding planner who asked us what is unique about our relationship. In evaluating our response to her, we relized the Cinderella/fairytale type theme really had NOTHING to do with who we are or our relationship. My fiance and I talked it over and decided a Precious Moments/children thme was much more fitting and appropriate.

The best part, my fiance is EXCITED about the wedding planning and theme now!


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Yikes. Eloping doesn't sound so bad, after all those darn themes. But at least you have a good theme, that your fiance likes, now. Fantastic! Best of luck with planning/changing stuff again. I assume you haven't picked your invitations yet. Any ideas?

Did I tell you that I've always fantasized about startig a wedding planner business?
Thanks for the encouragement. We're thinking a Precious Moments invite. We actually found one that fits us pretty perfectly...this theme is going to stick! :D

I had NO IDEA you had thought about starting a wedding planning business. There's definately a market for it and there's alway someone getting married to there's definately job security! You know, you could start a wedding planning business and teach the happy bride/groom to be some FANTASTIC dance moves for their first dance...
Hi all, I wasn't mentioned either. I've been gone quite awhile. Just been sooooo busy at work I haven't had time to post. Then I saw the site was moving when I popped in to catch up, so I decided to wait until it all got settled. I hope the Reno reunion is still on? Are you all still going?


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Just for the record, there are several more missing comrades -- ricodancer, tasche, serg_juv ... There are a bunch of you. You're all missed. All of you. check in, when you can. 8)

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