Shout out to missing comrades


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pygmalion said:
And, speaking of The Plan, salsachinita hasn't been checking in nearly enough, lately. We're going to have to pull her SO aside and give him a serious talking-to. :wink:
There's always hope though... for instance there was just an SC sighting over at the SF the other day. :D


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foursquare said:
pygmalion said:
Hey! Where's Bob? Foursquare? jennibelle?

Hi! Glad to see you. :D I didn't know you were around.

Hmm... I guess there haven't been any foursquare-attracting topics, lately. (Because I know that, if there's something interesting afoot, you will definitely add your comments. :D 8) ) Gotta work on coming up with some new topics ... 8)

Vince A

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Received an email from scorpianguy yesterday - he's moving to AZ . . . book almost done . . . health has improved . . . may start Salsa dancing again . . .

Says "hi" to everyone at the DFs . . .


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pygmalion said:
Has anybody seen Lita_Rulez lately? :?
No -- the last time he posted (back at the time of LA congress), he sounded as if he wasn't enjoying dancing anymore. :( Preko posted after the Paris Congress, but I'm not sure if Lita went.

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