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Is showing tan lines at a showcase bad?

Well, I have mini-showcase tomorrow night and I tried my dress on again today and realize that I have some tan lines on my shoulders. It's a halter type dress and it seems I got a little too much sun one weekend. I don't look like a truck driver, but you can see it on both of my shoulders (I had a tank top on, I guess).

Is this going to look dumb? I'm not into spray tanning and don't think I have enough time to order any pro-type self tanners. Are there drugstore brands that would take me (my upper back) a shade or two darker?

Or should I just fuhgetaboutit.


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it isn't til end of May, and IF there is a video, AND if I can freaking figure out HOW to share it, I would...not my forte.....I can't even figure out how to share a link:rolleyes:
First lesson today was working on the choreo to the upcoming (JULY 7!!! Freakin' crazy teacher!!!) showcase. QS to "Call the Law" by Outkast (thank you, Musicachica, for the heads-up to that one). I have to get the clean version.

He's being very nice and not leaving me out on my own. It's all lead-and-follow, no theatrics, really. Managed to work in something from AT (because it's could I not have?). And not just anything from AT, but the thing that's been hella scary to me for months, and now it's clicked--a volcada. In what would be considered (if it were AT) open embrace. Very cool.

Still not liking this. Especially since I know I won't be able to go through it with my eyes glued to the floor. Which, IMO, is the only acceptable way to deal with the fact of people [foxtot]-ing looking at me!!!

My teacher better not tell DH about the showcase. I'll kill him.
And when you get your hands on an edited version, PLEASE send it my way! I'm using it myself in December...

You wanna talk about timing? My showcase is June 1 and we JUST finished getting David to choreograph it on Tuesday! Talk about hella scary...especially since he put in freakifying leg trick towards the end (see post earlier in this thread).

Oh...forgot to mention music, LOL. It's a VW to "On Again Tonight" by Trent Willmon. Clip here:


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We're doing a Smooth Viennese Waltz to Mandy Moore's Only Hope :) Hoping it'll be amazing! And I got the song tip from DF yay DFers!
Understand...the only reason I don't do a VW is b/c there are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many that I adore to ever narrow it down


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am feeling very left out...*pout*

dance budget this year does not allow for showcase, maybe next year. Until then am living vicariously through you all...
same boppy one you're listening to. ;)

it's not in 3, but we'll still get the VW in... try it, it works.

i had my pro listen to "come closer" by jem at the start of our choreography session, and it's also not in 3, but he envisioned started straightaway with a VW to the opening staccato notes... if you have that song as well, check it out & see if you can visualize a VW there. i love that sort of ingenuity! anyway, i think "come closer" is a bit too sedate for a showcase piece.
I downloaded it and definately hear how VW will work, as well as FT, Tango and QS. Knowing your pro, this is going to be very cool. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Yes, I hear VW in the beginning of "Come on Closer."


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Stopped by LeNique on my way out to scrutineer the UC Berkeley competition, to get fitted for my costume for my show case. Purple trousers, cream frilled shirt, purple velet vest :) Definitely fun :)


My thoughts exactly! LOL...just what are you doing for this showcase, Nielsie?

My dress:

It's the red gown shown in the bottom right corner--but I'll be doing it in black velvet, minus the float, and shortened to about tea length. Plain and simple, no stones or even sparkly jewelry to go with it. What can I say, it fits the routine.


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And when you get your hands on an edited version, PLEASE send it my way! I'm using it myself in December...
If I can figure out how to email it to you, I'll do that. Otherwise, though, I know it's on iTunes, because that's where I got it.

No idea about what I'll be wearing. I haven't brought it up, because I'm still refusing to acknowledge that it's actually happening. Asking him about it would make it real, and I refuse to do that. Besides, it would encourage him.

Still though, I haven't been able to dislodge him from the "me doing showcase" thought. Which means I should put some thought into what to wear. And waltz-tango-foxtrot to do with my hair, since it flops in my face with every turn.

Any ideas, people? Please?


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anyways good to read about your routine, esp. the waltzes (grin)

probly just hold the 3 over the 4, but we could also do a triplet to 4/4 like you would with an instrument. i remember loving that when i played piano. we'll see when we get to that bit...


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I would just slick it back ...the wet look ya know? as for what to wear, ever looked at the practicewear at comps?...when is this thing?


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I have seen many a nice practice skirt and matching leotard with some simple jewelry or scaves as adornment that looked far better than some lavish dress scenario


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I would just slick it back ...the wet look ya know? as for what to wear, ever looked at the practicewear at comps?...when is this thing?
July 7. The practice wear is a good idea--the MD comp would be possible.

Granted, I don't know that usual practice wear would work with "Call the Law." Something of an incongruous image.

Edit to add...will have to play with my hair when it's wet from a shower and see what that looks like. Stupid sticky-out-y ears...


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add some got to B glu after you shower and let it dry that way...add large earrings which look good on sticky out ears...and, lol, some of the pracitce wear at comps is uh, very unconventional....

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