Silly things non-dancers say

"Dancing is easy, anybody can do it at the get go..."

"you don't have to be fit to dance"

And my all-time favourite:

"why do we need dancing, when it's just for fun?" yes, somebody actually asked me that once.. lol..


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LOL I was watching an awesome video of a WCS J&J on YouTube. It was invitational, so it was pretty mind-blowing. There were several comments from idiots who don't know anything about dance saying it was fake. Um...exactly how is that to have been faked?
A conversation with a (non-dancer) friend a few weeks before his wedding...

me: "Is there going to be dancing at your reception?"

friend: "No. We'd be too embarrassed, especially with you and your wife there."

me: "What? Why? It's not like we'll be sitting on the sidelines critiquing how you're doing."

friend: "I know. But you're so much better than us."

me: "We didn't let that stop us from dancing at our reception."

friend: "But there wasn't anybody who was a better dancer than you at your reception."

me: "About a quarter of our guests were better dancers than us."

friend: "But they weren't that much better than you."

me: "One of our guests is in the swing dance hall of fame. His wife is a four-time international champion. In terms of skill, I'm closer to your level than I am to theirs."


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They can always make excuses so much more easily than the choice to just "be quiet" and apply themselves in class.

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I had this conversation with a brand-new dancer (an older man) while he was watching the studio owner (another older man) and a younger partner demonstrate something for some students.

New dancer: "As a dance teacher he must get a lot of action from women."

Me: "He's married."

New dancer: "I bet he can get a lot on the side."

Me: "As far as I know, he's completely faithful to his wife."

New dancer: (pointing at the younger dance partner) "Is that his wife?"

Me: "No. That's his daughter."


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Zachary Quinto said it best at the Toronto Fan Expo- to paraphrase his rebuttal to someone's fanfic question: "Really, that says more about what YOU think about and who YOU are than it does me."


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This is one I've definitely gotten more than once.

Person X: "So, how long have y'all been dating?" (referencing a male friend that I also dance with, or even my teacher)
Me: We're not dating.

The most amusing part of conversations like this is watching their incredulous expressions: "Really, are you sure you aren't an item?" I believe I'm quite sure.


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"My favorite dances are the freestyles" referring to watching DWTS.

Non-dancer: "You could be on DWTS".
Me: "I'm not a celebrity"
Non-dancer: "You could be one of the pros"
Me: :rolleyes:
In response to my statement that ballroom is great exercise and I dance at least 12 hours per week,,,"Wouldn't it cost less to go to a gym?"
This is the 2nd most frequent quesiton I get. DWTS question is by far the most common.

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