Simple, cheap and portable dancefloor?

Do anyone know how to make a simple (construction), cheap and portable dancefloor?

We are havign a Rueda show at an outdoor stone scene. And the floor is a disaster. Last week a singer broke her knee. Her body did a spin but not her right foot.

We where thinking about spreading a tarpaulin to make the floor faster.

Have you any other suggestions?

Quick Dance Floor

At some Congresses, I've seen the organizers secure down simple plywood and put a coating of varnish or similar on there three or four nights prior. 4x4 or 5x5 squares secured down together with screws. The next morning after, I remember being asked to come to the hall some hour in the morning to help pack it up and get a free t-shirt.



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What is the current surface and where are you located?

Here in NYC, the closest to obtaining all three requirements would be to rent some marley. Make sure you get a marley floor that was used for modern dance and not ballet. A Ballet floor will have rosin on it. If you want the marley floor faster you could always throw down some talc. And if you want it slower, you can mop it with a can of coke.

Simple, Cheap, Portable, pick two out of three!!


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yeah! the linoleum idea is great! i've done it a few times myself. you can get a 10x15 ft role cheap! $25 or less if you go to a remnant store. then use a ton of duct tape to hold it down.
Joe said:
The scene is circula with a radius of 3 meter. I guess we could manage with a square 4x4 or 5X5 meter.

samny said:
Get a big piece of linoleum and duct tape it down. We've used that for house parties, it's cheap, easy and works great.
Linoleum sounds like agood idea. It is simple, portable and cheap (if I can manage to pursuade our local paint&floor retailer to give it to us for free. Perhaps they need some publicity.)

Perhaps we can manage to make a dancefloor for the audience and the local salsacommunity as well :D

Does anyone know if just linoelum will work or if any kind of "plastic" floor will do?

since we are doing a Rueda and need more space I guess it will be too much work making a floor of plyfa or plywood. I any case - it will take to much time to do it modular and easy to move. And we only have 6 days left until performance....But it is great idea.


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