skyfall...can I intl. ft. to that?


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Sorry, only counts for the Adele-DJ-ICE-remix of course, ajiboyet mentioned above.

For the original Adele-Paul-Epworth song I would recommend that bossa-blues-dance (not to confuse with brazilian bossa nova dancing)

That bossa-blues is original 60s stuff:
pygmalion said:
One of the earliest DF members, Joe Lanza, claimed to have choreographed a bossa nova dance back in the sixties. I don't remember exactly how the discussion went, but, if I have time later, I'll try to find that old thread...


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Mmmmm, sorry I can't hear it. Rumba, yes. Think you could do a really dramatic rumba.

Hey, this is a swell song! Someone should use it in a movie, I reckon, preferably over an opening credit sequence with silhouettes of sultry ladies.
Not so many sultry lady silhouettes in the credits this time! I rather liked liked the credits and the film. Not sure that Daniel Craig spent quite enough time with his shirt off though!

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