Slow Waltz Song Suggestion?

My favorite waltzes

Sleepsong - Secret Garden


Deja De LLorar - Found on Ballroom Passion, however you can find a faster version on itunes
Just a side note here.... I have been obsessed with the Wildhorn musical "Scarlet Pimpernel"... while downloading the music.. in error .. I downloaded a song..called "Scarlet Pimpernel".... it is a Waltz.... and just used it to satisfy a bridezilla... last a "in the pinch" fill in for her band which had to cancel..... the small waltz ... "Scarlet Pimpernel" is by BLACK SABBATH.... lolololol.... and no.. I did not tell her or her guest.. who made the recording.... what bridezilla doesn't know.. wont hurt her..

For practice, I am fond of "Where Is Your Heart?" by the Percy Faith Orchestra. It's from a movie that my grandmother likes, Moulin Rouge (no, not the Nicole Kidman movie that came later, during the 2000's)...


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Is there a particular version? The one I found on iTunes sure sounds like it's in 4, not 3.
Yes, that's right. I Belong To You (Il Ritmo Della Passione) by Eros Ramazzotti is not a Waltz, but might work for NC2S. There is a version by Orchestra Alec Medina. It's on Chartbreaker for Dancing Vol. 18. That one is a Waltz.


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Kiss from a Rose, by Seal can be slowed down into a decent Slow Waltz. Just avoid the opening, as it sounds hideous when slowed down. Start slowing down after about 30 seconds in, and it sounds great.


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DJ Dancesport Ice has a CD called Very Ballroom. It just came out within the past couple of months or so. He remixes songs for dance and has used Waltz songs from music, video games, movies, all very current and all very well done.

I can't post links (?), but you can find it on WRD Music.

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