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It's now into it's third or fourth week, and near the finals...but please tell me you've been watching the new Fox show 'So You Think You Can Dance'. If you haven't, you've been missing some awesome dancing.

The show is somewhat of a mimic of American Idol where dancers progress from round to round after three judges critique them. They've even got another 'Simon' like judge that has even had me raise an eyebrow once or twice for some of his comments, specifically his attack on a more feminine-dancing young man.

Overshadowing that, however, the producers seem to target those dancers that bring drama to the show (one dancer sneaking in his dog, and others faking injury and acting crazy). Ratings.

On an upnote, it was most exciting for me to see Maritza in the show, performing with her partner Jorge and her team. Maritza was in Bermuda March of 2004 and performed and taught workshops. I also met with her at the Chicago Salsa Congress of '05. So it was good to see her. Unfortunately, on Wednesday Aug 3rd, the show aired and I didn't actually see her until the very end. Again, the show gave airtime to the craziest people and I can only guess she didn't do anything nuts (good).

Also, there was a couple on there and I recognise the guy from an old 'Salsa Brava' DVD I have as well as the guest salsa instructor Alex DeSilva who is awesome. The dance patterns he had to teach the dancers (most who never had done partner dancing looked so cool and quite hard).

So if you haven't yet watched it, please check it out. Wednesdays on Fox.

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