Song Title Identification Thread

hola a todos!!:)

can anyone say what song is being played in this video at minute 4:30?

unfortunately I am not allowed to post URLs.. but the video is on youtube under the name:
Milonga Traspie Class with Facundo Posadas & Christy Cote in Brandon, Vermont

Thank you for taking the time to look into it!
muchissimas gracias!!! :grin: wooow there are so many versions of this song! but the one in the video is so niceee. I will let you know, when I find it. or if someone is already familiar with it, come out and share pls!

hasta muy pronto !
Sounds like the 1952 version to me - the sound of the 1954 version is lusher, and the 1956 is with Jorge Duran.

Got stuck with labeling this version of <some youtube link I'm not allowed to quote>"No me pregunten por qué" (di Sarli-Pomar) in my library:

There are 3 <another link> 1952, 1954, and 1956.
Which date would you suggest for the version?
Thanks in advance


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I'm stumped. I've been all though the treads and searches and I can't find a discussion we had a while back. We talked about a specific tune that started out with a habanera rhythm and continued it almost all the way through. Can someone remind me what the name of that tune was?



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You can listen it on youtube:
The penny has dropped! The first piece isn't Sentimiento Gaucho, at all, it's La Viruta (1948?), and the tracks must be misnamed. It's not just Spotify, though: Amazon & iTunes make the same error. I have a track in my collection which is supposed to be La Viruta - but it isn't, so now I'm trying to work out what that is:

Rodolfo Biagi Y Su Orquesta Tipica – La Viruta (What is it really?)


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I've sorted it out: the titles of every track between 13 & 19 are wrong. #13 is Sentimiento Gaucho, but that track is wrongly labelled as #19, all the songs in between have the track name misplaced by 1. Duh!

If you have downloaded the Album (EMI's From Argentina to the World series), you might like to see whether your own copies are correctly identified.

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