sore dancer survival kit


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oh...liquid skin...and stretchy wrap...and ankle tape...very very rarely advil gel tabs...also like to have vicks and ear plugs and a heating pad on hand whenever possible, but they are all secondary to bengay and wine...I can get through almost anything on bengay and wine


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Advil, red wine for the evening... white for the day. KT tape. New Skin, and a gift certificate to the nearest massage place.


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A little orange roller thingy, like a foam roller, but this one is foam quilted on the outside and hollow on the inside. It is small enough to pack in my suitcase. Also epsom salts for soaking crampy feet. And Biofreeze.
Tennis ball to roll under sore feet, peppermint foot lotion travel size, flat shoes for after dancing, yoga toes (wonderful to stretch sore feet but, where for short time only) ankle wrap, Motrin....


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Lots of bandaids- two of the last three competitions I went to ended with bleeding feet.
Stretchy wrap tape- I just discovered this and need to buy more. A good amount of that and there's no chance of blisters.
Squooshy (and that's a scientific term) socks and fur lined comfy boots- for as soon as I can take my shoes off.
Advil- (rarely)
A partner that has massage skills.


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- "newskin" liquid bandage is at the top of my list. i always apply to the problem areas of my blistered feet and it works splendidly in protecting them (and healing them if you already have blisters or cuts).

-flip flops.


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Ice packs in fridge at all times, brace for elbow when I get tendonitis, brace for knee when I get tendonitis, brace to strap ice on areas that I get tendonitis in, Tylenol in purse, dance bag and at home, heating pads for muscle spasms, good stretching dvd's, yoga toes, foot soak thingie with epsom salts, lotions and scrub, file for calluses, pads for ball of foot to slide in to dance shoes, prescriptions for muscle relaxers, lido derm patches and emergency pain meds.... did I forget anything?

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