Sore feet


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Hi all,

It seems these days I cannot dance two nights in a row or my feet kill me. Well I do have flat feet. It is my arches that feel tired and sore.

Any tips? I know you are supposed to strech, but on a long weekend of dancing, it does not seem enough. What should I do the day after to get myself back on track for another night of dancing? Not sure if I sould use ice, heat, keep streching, etc...

Oh guys out there who have this problem, what shoes do you wear? I just have not found a good pair that are confortable. I mostly dance salsa. It seems like the dance shoes out there do not offer much. The shoes I use now, I put one of those store bought insoles in. I was thinking maybe getting a normal pair of shoes and convert them.

Well any advice would be great. Thanks.

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I have flat feet too. I think if it's the arches hurting, you are not dancing enough. The pain will go away eventually. You can try soaking your feet in warm water with Epsom salt and gently massaging it. It also helps if you do some stretching each time after you dance and if it is still bad, wear an ankle protector to sleep. As for the insoles, my physiotherapist told me that I should always wear it but it hurts my feet and shifts my weight/balance all over the place so I am not stable in it. I wore it for like four days and now I just chuck it away. Hope this helps.

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