Spotting technique: head positioning?

SalseraLaura said:
2 things..

1 does anyone else find it hard to spot when the guy is moving around? For some reason it throws me off like if i do multiple spins and hes moving side to side or soemthing i feel i cant come back to the same place cos hes not in the same
One technique that is really fun is to continue spinning across the lead when he's switching positions. So instead walking across and pivoting like a cross body, just keep spinnig but make sure you face continues spotting him as you switch positions. It looks really cool and the guys love it :)
And if you don't want to do a set of travel spins as I described then the other option is just spin in place. if it's uncomfortable then just do fewer spins.
It won't feel like a good sharp spot sometimes but it works just the's pretty much a free spin. I like free spins :D
(I hate when the guy cuts me short when there's time to add a couple more )
SalseraLaura said:
2 after watching the clips and this is a bt of a threadjack, does it bother anyone else when there are 2 congas playing, i find the 2 contrasting rhythms really annoying, the only time ive been in a club where they do that is in NY and its not annoying during the main part of the song but 2 conga solos i find irritating...maybe im just
lol yes there were some live drummers accompanying the DJ, and not always in sync with the song. but didn't bother me
I just try to find a comfortable interpolation with which to do syncopated footwork and body movement. It makes things more complicated in terms of sounds to which to respond, but it's a fun challenge figuring out just how far I can take improvising to the instruments
it's kind of de rigeur to have some smartass "playing" a conga at socials and clubs here in new york, and what's hilarious about it is, they almost ALWAYS suck. i don't know why a scene dominated by supercompetitive people would tolerate such laughably and consistently amateur drum-beating. i usually want to strangle them.

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