Studio Private Lesson Rates Not Upfront?


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And while I usually agree with Fasc, but not this time...
The conversation should be when one is not high on a great week-end, but a more logical grounded financial long term decision.
not at all recommending an immediate thing///simply doing it when stock is still high///I have a longstanding policy of never making an important decision withing two weeks before or after a comp


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so glad to hear it :) I know my pro likes and respects yours and I'm happy to hear it isn't unfounded.
Not at all unfounded. The fault was entirely mine as I managed to make a mountain out of a molehill. He is as fabulous as he has always been. And from now on, I will just go to the source first. It will save me weeks of angst.

Larinda McRaven

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gotta do it....
I don't think it will be as dramatic as you assume.
Assuming the worst before you get there only serves to put everyone on edge and tends to make for a bad outcome. Just go in and without making a big deal ask if the rate increase is for everyone and if not why are you being singled out?
In the end, just talk it out calmly, cause usually there is just some miscommunication somewhere. And the truth is usually far smaller than the story we invent in our head and tell everyone.

I told ya so.

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