Suggestions for Make-and-Freeze Foods?

I made Mahogany chicken tonight. It is yummy! Made a couple substitutions--used some chicken stock I had to use up as part of the water and used 1/4 cup honey cuz I had no sugar. The only thing I might do differently is use less water and/or add a little cornstarch so the sauce cooks down to more of a glaze. Thanks for the recipe, Peaches!


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Glad to hear you liked it!

We've used corn starch and gotten decent results. Less water would probably work, too, but I'd imagine you'd have to flip the chicken more often. We just cook it longer so it cooks down more--it will get kinda glaze-y. Also, using drumsticks and cutting off the skinny end so the bone is exposed seems to help.


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"yiouvarlakia" freeze brilliantly... they are walnut-sized greek rice-meatballs that you boil in a tomato paste-butter broth, then finish with a froth of egg & lemon. you freeze them before they're boiled. one would never know they'd been frozen...

this is a MAJOR wintertime comfy food, and a family favorite. in a big bowl with some great fresh bread and a glass of wine... DREAMY.
O. M. G.

I've never even heard of these and I now want them so bad I can taste them. All the recipes I found online were either avgolemono w/ meatballs or else meatballs w/tomato sauce; none finished with the froth of egg & lemon. Tell me, O Wise One, how do you make these? On account of I have a party coming up and they sound like people will climb over each other to get to them.

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