The effective use of software in dance

As an experienced software engineer who is interested in dance I am hoping to do research into how software is currently used in the dance community and how it might be improved.

At the moment I am gathering information on what software systems are currently available in the dance profession and also what experiences people have had using such software.

Any comments or information appreciated.


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In the beginning some dance students got difficulties in identifying the measure ( f.i. 4/4 (swing), 2/4 (polka), 3/4 (slow waltz), 8/4 (salsa)) and in finding the beat #1 .


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A reliable, network-capable scheduling system for scheduling lessons, events, and tracking student accounts that was very simple to learn and use would be very, very popular.


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As a student, I took the time to write all of my dance notes for bronze 1-4 and silver 1. I used:

Windows paint: to draw every footstep (that was a major pain and I had to develop my own standard.)
Word (from Office 2010): to structure every picture in a table with associated explanations. I then saved each section (level + dance) of the file into PDF format. I then transferred all those files on my smartphone.
Adobe Reader for android: to read each PDF file.

It was either that or carrying my 800 pages worth of binders with me ;)

I don’t think that many people do this, but a portable application to store notes (written or video) is useful when you have a memory blank.
Thank you all for the replies. This is the type of information I have been looking for.

I am interested in people's experiences with both end-user software and professional dance studio software. When I feel I have a good understanding of how software is currently used in dance I hope to identify areas which can be improved and develop some prototype systems for the improvements.

I also hope to develop a prototype software system which will be able to be used online to encourage people to dance.

Thanks again :)


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The main commercial dance studio commercial software I am aware of is MindBodyOnline. I know of a couple of places that use it.
What I would really love to see: a system that analyzes your movement, as is currently done for a number of sports, like golf, and can give you direct feedback on how to correct your movement.
Also, DJ software that can allow you to create a random mix of music, adhering to a set of constraints, which also provides a visualization providing information about the current song, as well as the next couple of dances queued up, and which also allows you to insert specific songs into the playlist. (I was working on something like that for a while, when I had more time.)
As a tangent, you could include the use of software while dancing, as in: updating facebook with 1 finger while scouting for guys over your current guys' shoulder.

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