The Innocent Crush, another perspective


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Thank you, CCM.

Fascination, I think what you are describing is infatuation, not a crush. The two are often conflated but I think there is a difference. I admit the difference is hard to define but if it's painful it's probably infatuation.
I just got finished reading this whole thread, including your most recent posts, and now *I'm* stuck on *you*.

Your finest moment, afaic: You used the word "conflated."


And you dance.



FWIW, I think your crush is completely delicious and I hope you enjoy every last juicy, glorious drop. You sound like a real grown up.


Signed, Lapsed English Teacher


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My apologies: I meant the above post to be a PM. Thus the dangers of emailing in the bar at the end of a long long day.

OT: is there anyway to retract a post after making it?


Active Member takes a strong soul to keep that sort of affection from turning into pain...and I wish him the best on it:notworth:...I failed miserably...but i am only a sample of one
Make it two.

But I just spent the better part of the evening with someone real and emotionally available. She went shopping for a washing machine with me of all things. It feels 100 times better than an unreciprocated crush and tomorrow we dance...


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haha, possibility or two for that, but trying to avoid ddrama involved there. :p Plus not compltely confident that my lead is up to it. Though most likely prospect is planning to do same FA comp I'm doing later this year, so no extra entry fees....


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I think it less distracting to lurkers and newbs to have to wade through too much OT banter....beyond that, what I prefer is irrelevant;)...and now, BOT
Perhaps, as one poster mentioned before, that continued exposure to P&B's instructor will slowly make him realize (as he started to mention in his most recent post), that she is a wonderful person, but still just a person, and not the Angel on Earth he originally thought.
As an aside, I had a crush on my instructor, too, when I started, but continued exposure to him and admiration of his wife led me to think him a good instructor and person, but no longer crush material.
P&B, if you are ever in Ohio, I so want to meet you!

Warren J. Dew

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Yeah I'm moved as well. And of course envious. Seems the older you get the fewer the crushes so when one comes along it's something special.
Special, perhaps - but not necessarily in a good way. Personally, I'm delighted not to have had a crush for decades. Relationships based on mutual friendship are so much better.

I would also note that one can acknowledge and enjoy the fact that someone else is a wonderful person without having a crush on them.

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