the "odd-thought-before-I-fell-asleep-last-night" thread

Share what bizarre, totally obscure thought you had before sleep took you away last night.


What has the potential for being the strongest kind of fabric; a knit or a weave?

If anyone would hazard a guess, I'd be interested to know. I think a weave ultimately would because of the sheer number of threads you could pack into a square inch. You'd also be able to use sturdier fibres that don't need to be as flexible. But knits are essentially row upon row of pseudo-knot. And knitting originated as a utilitarian means of constructing fish nets, which would have to be strong...

Thankfully it didn't keep me up all night.
LoL... maybe I need to dance more. If I'm thinking about knits and weaves, I should definitely be spending more time doing useful stuff.
Most of the time I think, I hope I actually get some sleep tonight lol. Really. I don't sleep that well, so I pretty much beg for sleep at night lol. ;)


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The last thought I had last night was...I wish the neighbors had decided to invite all of us to the party.

Of course, that was after I put in the ear plugs...


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Have your sheep ever missed the fence Sabor?...
:banana: Let me answer this! Let me answer this! :giggles:

From the cloning thread:
why mess w/ my uniqueness? jaja
Soooooo I dare say, Sabor's sheep probably approach the fence, then stop to contemplate whether to jump On1, On2 or Cuban style (as in salsa). I wouldn't expect them to jump the fence like 'regular' sheep. :bandit:

(I will leave it now to Sabor to answer whether they do in fact jump the fence! :lol:)


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For some reason, when i closed my eyes last night I just had Mario Kart running through the brain. The music...the annoying sound effects...various visuals. Very annoying.

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